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Suzhou alloy tool market prospects can be expected

In the new wave of world economic integration, it is a general trend that the global manufacturing of Suzhou alloy tools is accelerating the transfer to mainland China, and China will gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base. Guangdong, especially the Pearl River Delta region, with obvious advantages, will Within ten years, it has developed into a world mold production center. The Suzhou tool market is in a period of rapid development of replacement. The previous single-function simple Suzhou tools are being replaced by an increasing number of multi-functional Suzhou tools . In the future production, users Higher requirements will be put forward for the research and development of Suzhou tools , not only in the field of materials and surface coating technology for Suzhou tools, but also more stringent requirements for the process technology of Suzhou tool production. In terms of technology updates, Suzhou alloy tools are gradually replacing high-speed steel tools, especially round tools. The application of coated tools is becoming more and more common. In Europe, the market share of new tools for high-speed machining is increasing. Manufacturers’ dynamics. From the perspective of the cooperation mode of Suzhou tool manufacturers, there will be many strong alliances of large companies in the high-tech market. At present, the domestic market has a large demand for medium and high-end molds. According to forecasts, during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the general trend of the mold market is steadily upward, but domestic molds must meet the needs of users in terms of quality and delivery time. Moreover, household appliances The automotive and plastic products industries have the greatest demand for molds. In the international market, in recent years, the labor costs in industrialized countries have increased, and they are shifting to developing countries, especially Southeast Asian countries. Its domestic production is high, precision molds are mainly used, and labor Molds with a large labor input depend on imports. Therefore, the international market for medium and low-end molds has great potential. As long as the quality of domestic molds can be improved and the delivery time can be guaranteed, the prospects for mold exports are very optimistic. In addition, the demand for mold standard parts in the international market is also very large. At present, my country has only a small amount of exports. At the same time, in recent years, China has used nearly 1 billion U.S. dollars to import molds each year, of which precision, large, complex, and long-life molds account for the majority. Therefore, from the perspective of reducing imports, the proportion of high-end molds such as Suzhou alloy tools and hardware tools in the market It will also gradually increase. In the future, China's mold and hardware tool industry will also be among the best in the world.

China's Suzhou tool market detailed where is the domestic brand road

my country has become a "manufacturing factory of the world". This is only the estimation of some optimists. At present, the main force of my country's manufacturing industry is still concentrated on processing supplied materials. The ability to independently produce high-tech products is not strong, and the overall competitiveness remains to be improve. So, how can we give full play to our country’s resource advantages and manpower advantages and push the development of Suzhou's tool industry to a new level. Experts believe that we must first start with changing concepts and strengthening services. Suzhou tool companies must completely discard what they have developed over the past few decades. The same thing is the old habit of selling what, and putting the needs of the manufacturing industry in the first place. Established such a guiding ideology and development policy, even without a large amount of modern equipment, it can produce good products that users welcome. With this This kind of guiding ideology, the crude and indiscriminate waste of resources, and the observance of the waste of talents will be greatly reduced. In recent years, a number of scientific and technological private enterprises have emerged in the Suzhou tool industry in China. This is how they have developed, and their growth rate has exceeded their strength. State-owned enterprises in China are worthy of attention. In the market economy competition, the enterprise is the main body of competition, and it must be responsible for its own survival and development. Therefore, the current development of the alloy tool industry in Suzhou in China cannot meet the needs of the manufacturing industry. First of all, we must find the reasons from the enterprise itself and figure out The solution. But on the other hand, it must be noted that the development history of China's market economy is still very short, and there are still many irregularities and imperfections in the market operation, which affect the healthy development of enterprises, and sometimes this impact is very serious. It is necessary to communicate with the government and enterprises to reach a consensus, and the government will come forward to solve them. For example, the "bad competition of low-quality and low-priced products" and "unfair investment orientation" that have hindered the healthy development of Suzhou alloy tool industry for many years . , Are directly related to government behavior. Suzhou Tool Industry must solve modernization issues. Strengthening service awareness and improving service levels are the top priorities. The urgency far exceeds the improvement of equipment. We have had many painful lessons. Some companies have introduced advanced foreign equipment at a high price. However, the old concept has not changed, and the same standard Suzhou knives are still produced , and the result is not welcomed by the market.

Know the characteristics of tool processing, then choose Suzhou tool

NC Suzhou tool There are many things that are known in the processing according to these known conditions, I could choose Suzhou tool can quickly and accurately select the correct time Suzhou tool . 1.The height of the blade and the handle has: generalization, standardization, and serialization. 2. The durability and economic life index of the blade or Suzhou tool should be reasonable. 3.The geometric parameters and cutting parameters of Suzhou tools or inserts need to be standardized and typical. 4. The blade or Suzhou tool material and cutting parameters should match the material to be processed. 5. Suzhou tools should have high accuracy, including the shape accuracy of the tool, the relative position accuracy of Suzhou alloy tools and tool holders to the spindle of the machine tool, the indexing of blades and tool holders and the repeatability of disassembly and assembly. 6.The strength of the handle should be high, rigidity and wear resistance should be good. 7. The installed weight of the tool holder or tool system is limited. 8. The cutting position and direction of the blade and knife handle are required. 9.The positioning datum of the blade and the tool holder and the automatic tool change system should be optimized. 10. The tools used on CNC machine tools should meet the requirements of convenient installation and adjustment, good rigidity, high precision, and good durability. After understanding the above points, choosing a tool can greatly save time and Suzhou tool costs.

Talking about the influence of Suzhou cutting tools on CNC machining

As the final executor of CNC machining, Suzhou tools are directly related to the processing efficiency, processing quality, and stability of the processing process. Taking XXC.13.001 as an example, a suitable Suzhou tool will be used in the rough machining process. One step has been shortened from the original 8 hours of processing time to 3 hours, which shows the important influence of the tool on CNC machining. Modern cutting tool materials in Suzhou have evolved from carbon tool steel, high-speed steel, to cemented carbide, ceramics, PCBN, PCD, and the cutting performance of the tools is getting better and better, which directly promotes the great development of CNC machining. It has high thermal hardness, high wear resistance, strength and toughness. Compared with cemented carbide, its biggest advantage is good workability and good comprehensive mechanical properties. Due to its good performance, high-speed steel is still One of the most widely used tool materials in the world. Cemented carbide tools are made of carbide (hard phase) and metal bonding phase with high hardness and melting point through powder metallurgy. Its hardness is much higher than that of high-speed steel. At 540℃, the hardness can still reach 82~87HRA, which is the same as the hardness of high-speed steel at room temperature. The hardness and toughness of Suzhou cemented carbide tools change with the content of the metal bonding phase, generally with the increase of the metal phase content, The hardness decreases and the toughness increases. Since the successful development of ceramic tools, due to their good performance, they have been popular in the market. Ceramic tools have the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, high temperature resistance, and good heat resistance. Ceramic tools It has become one of the main tools for high-speed cutting and difficult-to-machine material processing. However, ceramic tools have low bending strength and poor impact load capacity. When the processing surface has unevenness or vibration during processing, it is easy to chip and it is not suitable for low speed. Cutting under impact load. Ceramic tools have poor ability to withstand thermal shock loads. Coolant cannot be used in the cutting process, and dry cutting can be achieved. CBN tools are second only to diamond in terms of hardness and thermal conductivity, and have high hardness and wear resistance. , High thermal stability, excellent chemical stability, better thermal conductivity, lower friction factor, etc., basically have all the properties of a perfect Suzhou tool , but the strength and toughness are poor, and should be avoided during use. The large impact causes the tool to collapse, so the negative rake angle is generally used for high-speed cutting. The expensive price of CBN tools is also an important factor restricting its universal use. In the development process of Suzhou tool materials, the generation and application of coating technology found a way to alleviate the contradictory relationship between the strength, hardness and toughness of the tool, and became a revolution in the development history of cutting tools. Suzhou tool coating technology is mainly Using physical or chemical vapor deposition methods, a hard film of several microns to ten microns thick is obtained on the surface of the tool. Suzhou tool coating has high hardness and wear resistance, high chemical stability and anti-adhesive performance, and low The advantages of friction factor and other advantages. Adding a coating on the surface of the tool substrate can well solve the problems of hard alloy and other tools such as soft hardness, poor wear resistance, and easy oxidation at high temperatures. When the performance of the coating is different from the performance of the substrate When the size is large or the bond with the base material is not strong, multi-layer coatings can be used to gradually improve the toughness of the coating, the bonding strength of the coating and the base, and the wear resistance of the coating. Coating technology greatly enhances the hardness of the tool , Toughness, improve tool wear resistance and oxidation resistance, thereby prolonging tool life and improving the cutting performance of Suzhou tools . Stainless steel has high thermal strength, toughness, strong adhesion, low thermal conductivity, and serious work hardening. During the cutting process, the vibration is strong and it is easy to damage Suzhou tools. Choose reasonable cutting parameters and suitable concentration and pressure of cutting fluid, and use general carbide-coated tools to achieve a more ideal cutting effect. The thermal conductivity of superalloy is very low. Less than one-third of 45 steel, high cutting temperature, high high temperature strength, still reach the room temperature strength of medium carbon steel at 600~900℃, cutting force is two to three times that of cutting general steel, and there

The selection principle of Suzhou alloy tool materials

When selecting Suzhou alloy tool materials, the following points should usually be considered comprehensively: 1. Production batch: When the production batch of the workpiece is large, the concave and convex mold material should be high-quality, good wear-resistant mold steel, and the material requirements of other process structure parts and auxiliary structure parts of the mold should be correspondingly Increase, when the batch is not large, you can consider reducing the cost, and the requirements for material performance can be appropriately relaxed. 2. The performance of the material being stamped, the nature of the process and the working conditions of the concave and convex mold. When the material being stamped is harder or has a large deformation resistance, the mold convex and concave mold should be selected from materials with good wear resistance and high strength of Suzhou alloy tools . For cold extrusion molds with poor working conditions, mold steels with sufficient hardness, strength, toughness, wear resistance and other comprehensive mechanical properties should be selected, and they should have a certain degree of red hardness and thermal fatigue strength. 3.Material properties, the hot and cold processing performance of the mold and the existing conditions of the factory should be considered. 4. Production and usage. In short, the selection of Suzhou alloy tool materials is a very complex issue. Try to save as much as possible under the premise of ensuring process requirements. It should be our general principle for selecting mold materials.
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