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Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. has been specialized in providing vast Chinese customers with services through professional cutter grinding concept and advanced cutter management method from the beginning. In 2004, Fulaike established the specialized cutter manufacturing and grinding center in Suzhou Industrial Park under Sino-Singapore cooperation to provide specialized manufacturing, grinding and coating services for various precise cutters.

MetalcuttingTools Regrinding&Recoating

Metallic cutter grinding and coating


Permeation of cobalt element under high temperature

Cobalt element has permeated from carbide to steel   T:700°


  Carbide -K40UF Coating-free   Steel 42 CrMo4   TiAIN-Coating  

I. Essence of specialized cutter grinding

Specialized cut grinding is not only blade renovation in the traditional sense and its essence is to unify cutting, chip breaking, chip removal and cutter strength perfectly through optimizing original parameters of cutters to guarantee reliability of cutters and accuracy of their expected service life to provide accurate data for production decision. Specialized cutter grinding can not only prolong cutter service life and lower cutter cost through blade correction but also improve operators' operation methods, set up awareness of saving and benefit production management.

II. Features of specialized cutter grinding

1. Precise Equipment

  German DECKEL Equipment   Latest ANCA five-shaft Grinder  

2. Complete Standard

Fulaike carries on oversea manufacturing standards for precise tools, takes their essence and removes their redundancy for blade treatment types of various cutters (drill bit, milling cutter and reamer) before accomplishing scientific, rigorous, meticulous and complete grinding standards that are easy to be followed. According to specific machining conditions, "customer grinding standard" is customized for customers' significant machining processes on the basis of general grinding standard, which meets customers' high requirements for cutter grinding quality greatly.

3. Rich Experience

Main technical supervisors and workers of the company have received strict specialized trainings, got familiar with application properties of various cutters and possessed rich experience in cutter grinding.


4. Meticulous Process

Fulaike employees' pursuit for meticulous process is reflected in goods receiving, warehousing, sorting, grinding form, grinding, inspection, pre-treatment, coating, final inspection, packaging, out of warehousing, delivery and other processes.



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