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In China, there are more than 80 million economic entities. On average, a company is born every 3 seconds and a company dies every 10 seconds. Every day, there are a large number of entrepreneurs on the road carrying their dreams. How to achieve their dreams is exactly what Fulaike is working towards. Fulaike was founded in 2004 and is located in the beautiful ancient city of Suzhou, dedicated to the production and research and development of alloy cutting tools. Since its establishment for more than 10 years, with the continuous growth of the company, Fulaike has a set of rigorous tool design standards, a comprehensive, meticulous, and rigorous testing process and advanced equipment. With continuous efforts and continuous accumulation, it has been in the hole processing tool. Fulaike already has a quality that is not inferior to foreign high-end brands.

Service concept-people-oriented, mutual benefit and win-win, customer first, quality first
Production concept——Taking talents as the foundation, technology as the core, market-oriented, service as the purpose, quality as the guarantee, urging the urgent needs of customers and providing them for their needs.

Company team

According to the customer's specific production requirements, product drawings or tool drawings, a professional design team for non-standard tools and standard tools

Here is full of pursuit of unique C, but no evasion strategy; yearning for quality, but not satisfied with self-identification.
He is not only a perfectionist, but he does not stick to the trivial; although he is good at art, he takes business seriously.

Advocate to enjoy the work, advocate the taste of annotation, more cutting-edge, more publicity, more exceptions, more quality.
The strategy is precise and the level of advancement is not bad, which makes the product value multiplied sonorously and powerfully.

We are

Corporate image shaper
Effective marketing
Customer value_creator


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Rather than looking for employees, we are looking for partners who strive for the same dream

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