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Fulaike rewards Tsinghua students

The sharp edge of the sword comes from sharpening, and the fragrance of plum blossom comes from the bitter cold. This summer, Mrs. Yang, a Fulaike employee, received good news. Her daughter received a postgraduate admission letter from Tsinghua University. This is a happy event for Ms. Yang's family, and it is also a happy event for the children of the employees to achieve something for the big family of Fulaike. To congratulate Ms. Yang, Mr. Zhou also personally sent a red envelope as a blessing. Ms. Yang’s children went from an ordinary junior high school to a graduate student at Tsinghua University, taking every step of the way steadily, and each stage has a clear goal. This spirit of continuous progress and continuous transcendence coincides with Fulaike's philosophy of "continuous progress, continuous transcendence, diligence, discipline, and details". Although this is only the achievement of one person and the pride of a family, this This spirit can also radiate the entire company and encourage every employee to keep forging ahead. It is not uncommon for the children of ordinary Fulaike employees to be admitted to universities and graduate students. Some employees are also quietly upgrading themselves, such as college promotion, MBA, etc., Fulaike respects knowledge and respects talents, and the company also gives these employees opportunities and encouragement. For example, relax the requirements for these employees on commuting time, so that employees can better work, rest, live, study and so on. An enterprise is basically a strategy, and the essence of a strategy is culture. A healthy and progressive corporate culture is the source of invincible power for an enterprise. Fulaike’s corporate culture inspires every employee to keep making progress, surpassing, and converging into a force to help the company continue to move forward and become a high-quality company in the eyes of customers .

A helmet and a belt of enterprises

Starting from June 1, 2020, the "One Helmet and One Belt" security protection operation will be carried out nationwide. The Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau also issued the "Notice on the Implementation of the Measures for the Management of Safety Helmets for Driving and Riding Electric Bicycles" to implement comprehensive management of safety helmets for driving and riding electric bicycles throughout the city. In order to further improve the traffic safety awareness of enterprise employees, effectively prevent the occurrence of road traffic accidents during the commuting of employees, and develop the good habit of employees to abide by traffic laws, on June 19, 2020, the Shengpu Traffic Police Squadron was concerned about the company’s visit to our company With safety education, helmets, tail strips, and posters, all employees of our company participated in the "One Helmet, One Belt" operation. Captain Chen of Shengpu Squadron combined the safety knowledge of "One Helmet and One Belt" to explain the "Regulations on the Management of Electric Bicycles of Jiangsu Province", which stated that driving electric bicycles on the road should be at least 16 years old. Adults driving electric bicycles can only carry one. Minors under the age of sixteen should use safety seats if they carry minors under six. The employees said, "We always feel that there is a seat behind the electric car to take people. I don't know that there is such a rule." Some employees said, "Sometimes we go out with an adult, and the child is in our arms when we are young. After Captain Chen explained, we understand that this is very unsafe and can easily cause safety accidents." Captain Chen also explained to us "seat belt = life belt", "knowledge of traffic safety driving", "safety in one helmet and one belt" and so on. Subsequently, Captain Chen of the Shengpu Traffic Police Squadron and related police officers presented our employees with "helmets" and "light tails for electric bicycles", and taught everyone how to wear helmets correctly. The police officers also helped our employees put stickers on each electric bicycle. The upper "lighting tail bar" improves the visibility of the electric bicycle at night, thereby reducing night safety accidents. At the same time, Team Captain Chen also advocated that employees go back to convey this safety awareness to their family and friends, and protect their families and friends to return home safely. If you don’t wear a helmet, you don’t have safety. “One helmet and one belt” is always safe. All employees of the company thank Shengpu Traffic Police Squadron and Captain Chen for their wonderful explanations, which have strengthened the safety awareness of our employees. Let us start from now, from the side, and jointly create a more civilized, safe, smooth and harmonious travel!

Customer visits and inspections

On June 12, 2020, a foreign-funded company's operations director, purchasing manager, production manager, technical supervisor, etc. came to our company for a field visit, laying the cornerstone for further cooperation. Fleck's precision tool technology, high-quality products and services, strong company qualifications and reputation, and good industry development prospects are important reasons for attracting this customer's visit. The general manager of the company, Mr. Zhou Ruihua, extended a warm welcome to the customers who visited this time. Accompanied by the vice president of our company and the heads of various departments, the customer visited the company’s exhibition hall, raw material warehouse, rough machining workshop, CNC workshop, inspection, packaging, finished product warehouse, and fully understood the company’s site conditions and manufacturing processes. The person in charge of each department gave detailed answers to the questions raised by customers. The customer also praised the good performance of the Fleck tool originally used in cooperation! After the visit, the customer was deeply impressed by the company’s orderly production process, strict quality control, and harmonious working atmosphere. They fully affirmed our products and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with our general manager. Hope Realize mutual benefit, win-win and common development in future cooperation projects!

Concentrate and work together to win the future

Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. 2019 year-end dinner report Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. The year-end dinner of Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. was held on the "Jinji Lake Cruise" on January 12, 2020! The year-end dinner at 6 pm kicked off with cheerful music. First of all, Mr. Zhou Ruihua, general manager of Fulaike, gave a speech of thanks to all employees, guests, friends, and relatives, thanking all employees for their hard work and partners who supported Fulaike’s work. My most sincere thanks! Mr. Zhou introduced Fulaike’s development in 2019 in detail. He said: "Flake has been a tool brand company for more than 10 years." Based on product quality stability and quality improvement, the company invested funds to upgrade equipment and technology, and personnel education and training skills. The improvement has greatly improved the trust and reputation of the Fulaike tool brand, and provided strong support for the sales team to open up territory in the market, and the company's product market share has been steadily developed. In 2020, the company will continue to accelerate the pace of modern enterprise construction, improve technological innovation capabilities, strengthen marketing management, strengthen market data analysis, expand sales channels, improve sales staff’s business capabilities, implement brand strategic planning, create greater value for customers, and enable customers Maximize satisfaction. Mr. Zhou invited everyone to toast to the 2020 Year of the Rat and officially opened a wonderful year-end dinner! The delicacies on the table, the wonderful on stage, the affectionate singing, youth dance, intellectual games brought by the Fulaike employees-the best shows, good wines and delicacies, and the gradual and gradual feelings brought together a splendid start of the new year. , Arousing applause and cheers on the spot. Today’s exciting lottery session has arrived. Everyone has the spirit of twelve points and stared at the lottery box closely. Amidst the applause of all the people, our staff shook the lottery box and there was cheers. Laughter, the company’s leaders will draw us the fifth prize, fourth prize, third prize, second prize, first prize and award prizes to the winners. In the last week, we will always draw this year’s "special prize" for everyone. The atmosphere gradually reached a climax, and every employee's face was red. The year 2020 has arrived. In the past 2019, we have had too much work perception and experience. In 2020, let us gather happiness, luck, and harmony together, let us be grateful and accompany us, and create dreams with ingenuity. Unite and forge ahead, innovate, and work hard, and constantly create a new situation for the company, to create a more brilliant and brighter tomorrow!

Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. 2019 annual work summary meeting

Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. 2019 annual work summary meeting At 13:00 on January 3, 2020, the "Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. Year-end Summary Conference and 2019 Advanced Selection" was held in the meeting room on the second floor of the company. All employees of the company participated in this meeting. The year 2020 full of expectations is coming to us. The new year will give birth to new goals and beautiful visions. First of all, the general manager of the company, Mr. Zhou Ruihua, made a summary speech on the company's operations in 2019 and the completion of the set goals. He emphasized that: "The cornerstone of a company's survival, development, and success is teamwork. Only by strengthening communication and collaboration between various departments, cohesiveness, and brainstorming, can the company's efficient operation be guaranteed." And issued Fulaike's 2020 strategy In deployment, Mr. Zhou's speech not only fully affirmed our past work, but also described the company's bright future, strengthened the confidence of each of us, and gave great encouragement and spur to the future work. Subsequently, the heads of various departments made an orderly announcement of the "Departments' 2019 Review of 2020 Plans", and the team leaders of each department issued "2019 Review and Work Experience", and employee representatives also spoke on behalf of everyone. Next is Fulaike and announced 10 "2019 Advanced Employees" and 4 "Eight Years of Loyal Employees". Gold will always shine, and there will be rewards for what you pay. The glorious year of 2019 has passed, and the journey of 2020 is a long way to go. Let us write a more brilliant chapter with vigorous vigor, high spirits, and fearless courage. Let us make every effort, go forward bravely, pioneer and innovate, and work together for a better future of Fulaike.
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