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China's Suzhou tool market detailed where is the domestic brand road




China's Suzhou tool market detailed where is the domestic brand road

2016-06-30 18:48
     my country has become a "manufacturing factory of the world". This is only the estimation of some optimists. At present, the main force of my country's manufacturing industry is still concentrated on processing supplied materials. The ability to independently produce high-tech products is not strong, and the overall competitiveness remains to be improve.
So, how can we give full play to our country’s resource advantages and manpower advantages and push the development of Suzhou's tool industry to a new level. Experts believe that we must first start with changing concepts and strengthening services. Suzhou tool companies must completely discard what they have developed over the past few decades. The same thing is the old habit of selling what, and putting the needs of the manufacturing industry in the first place. Established such a guiding ideology and development policy, even without a large amount of modern equipment, it can produce good products that users welcome. With this This kind of guiding ideology, the crude and indiscriminate waste of resources, and the observance of the waste of talents will be greatly reduced. In recent years, a number of scientific and technological private enterprises have emerged in the Suzhou tool industry in China. This is how they have developed, and their growth rate has exceeded their strength. State-owned enterprises in China are worthy of attention. 
     In the market economy competition, the enterprise is the main body of competition, and it must be responsible for its own survival and development. Therefore, the current development of the alloy tool industry in Suzhou in China cannot meet the needs of the manufacturing industry. First of all, we must find the reasons from the enterprise itself and figure out The solution. But on the other hand, it must be noted that the development history of China's market economy is still very short, and there are still many irregularities and imperfections in the market operation, which affect the healthy development of enterprises, and sometimes this impact is very serious. It is necessary to communicate with the government and enterprises to reach a consensus, and the government will come forward to solve them. For example, the "bad competition of low-quality and low-priced products" and "unfair investment orientation" that have hindered the healthy development of Suzhou alloy tool industry for many years . , Are directly related to government behavior.
    Suzhou Tool Industry must solve modernization issues. Strengthening service awareness and improving service levels are the top priorities. The urgency far exceeds the improvement of equipment. We have had many painful lessons. Some companies have introduced advanced foreign equipment at a high price. However, the old concept has not changed, and the same standard Suzhou knives are still produced , and the result is not welcomed by the market.

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