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The selection principle of Suzhou alloy tool materials




The selection principle of Suzhou alloy tool materials

2016-06-12 18:34
When selecting Suzhou alloy tool materials, the following points should usually be considered comprehensively:
1. Production batch: When the production batch of the workpiece is large, the concave and convex mold material should be high-quality, good wear-resistant mold steel, and the material requirements of other process structure parts and auxiliary structure parts of the mold should be correspondingly Increase, when the batch is not large, you can consider reducing the cost, and the requirements for material performance can be appropriately relaxed.
2. The performance of the material being stamped, the nature of the process and the working conditions of the concave and convex mold. When the material being stamped is harder or has a large deformation resistance, the mold convex and concave mold should be selected from materials with good wear resistance and high strength of Suzhou alloy tools . For cold extrusion molds with poor working conditions, mold steels with sufficient hardness, strength, toughness, wear resistance and other comprehensive mechanical properties should be selected, and they should have a certain degree of red hardness and thermal fatigue strength.
3.Material properties, the hot and cold processing performance of the mold and the existing conditions of the factory should be considered.
4. Production and usage.
In short, the selection of Suzhou alloy tool materials is a very complex issue. Try to save as much as possible under the premise of ensuring process requirements. It should be our general principle for selecting mold materials.

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