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Know the characteristics of tool processing, then choose Suzhou tool




Know the characteristics of tool processing, then choose Suzhou tool

2016-06-27 18:46
 NC Suzhou tool There are many things that are known in the processing according to these known conditions, I could choose Suzhou tool can quickly and accurately select the correct time Suzhou tool .
1.The height of the blade and the handle has: generalization, standardization, and serialization.
2. The durability and economic life index of the blade or Suzhou tool should be reasonable.
3.The geometric parameters and cutting parameters of Suzhou tools or inserts need to be standardized and typical.
4. The blade or Suzhou tool material and cutting parameters should match the material to be processed.
5. Suzhou tools should have high accuracy, including the shape accuracy of the tool, the relative position accuracy of Suzhou alloy tools and tool holders to the spindle of the machine tool, the indexing of blades and tool holders and the repeatability of disassembly and assembly.
6.The strength of the handle should be high, rigidity and wear resistance should be good.
7. The installed weight of the tool holder or tool system is limited.
8. The cutting position and direction of the blade and knife handle are required.
9.The positioning datum of the blade and the tool holder and the automatic tool change system should be optimized.
10. The tools used on CNC machine tools should meet the requirements of convenient installation and adjustment, good rigidity, high precision, and good durability.
After understanding the above points, choosing a tool can greatly save time and Suzhou tool costs.

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