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2019 Yandang Mountain Tour




2019 Yandang Mountain Tour

2019-08-21 09:59

Yandang Mountain, located in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, overlaps ten thousand mountains with peaks vying for supremacy, and is called the " first mountain in the southeast " in history . In 2019 , Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. organized employees to play in the mountains, sea, and drifting, and a three-day trip to Yandang Mountain.

6 Yue 17 morning at 6:15 all came to the company on time collection. We left the car at 6:30 and experienced more than 6 hours' drive along the way. We passed the Hangzhou Bay Transoceanic Bridge and the total length was 36 kilometers. Although there was a block of road on the road, everyone still laughed and laughed. The guide also prepared a little for the children. For gifts, the children also talked, laughed, and were happy.

After experiencing the destruction of Yandang Mountain after Typhoon Likima, the roadside trees were uprooted one by one, branches were still floating on the water, the road collapsed, and many volunteers were helping to restore and rebuild. Let us feel a different trip to Yandang Mountain.

   After lunch, we visited Lingfeng Scenic Area, the dreamlike scenery, Gassho Peak, Guanyin Cave, and Fruit Box. In the Lingyan Scenic Area, the left and right Tianzhu and Zhanqi cliffs are facing each other. There are thousands of people standing on the wall, and people are surrounded by them, and we feel full of anxiety. We watched the Lingyan Feidu, and only saw one person imitating a rope on the vertical rock wall. The ancients were picking herbs on the cliffs, jumping on the 90- degree cliffs   , picking herbs from top to bottom, and performing various acrobatics. There was also a performance on the right and left Tianzhu wire ropes. I saw a woman crawling on the wire rope like a monkey. After a while, she stopped again and performed various stunts. Suddenly, colorful feathers were sprinkled in the sky. It is wonderful, applause below. Approaching the waterfall Xiaolongqiu, the surging water flew down from the top of the high cliff, like a white chain "flying straight down three thousand feet, it is suspected that the Milky Way falls for nine days." It gave me a feeling of "flying rags on the top of a cliff, big beads and small beads falling on a jade plate".

On the second day in Qicaidong Village, the sea is blue, the blue sky is like washing, and the colors of the village are colorful, like the frozen time, showing different styles. I watched Xiandiyan, and the landscapes such as Guanyin training lion and human face lion body are lifelike, watching the sea, listening to the wind, and viewing the scenery are beautiful. The beaches, reefs, cliffs, etc. along the way have a panoramic view. The children couldn't stand their temper, and couldn't wait to go to the beach to swim and dig in the sand. We came to the beach of Dasha'ao Beach, some changed into swimsuits, some went on a speedboat, the children played in the water, made a castle, dug a hole to make a bathhouse and so on. Adults are also playing like children, forgetting their age, hard work, and all their worries.

On the third day, the Nanxi River is full of beautiful waters, strange rocks, ancient villages, and beaches. It is everywhere, intoxicating, and fascinating. We experienced 50 minutes of bamboo rafting. The beautiful scenery on both sides of the strait was beautiful. The flowing water was rushing and slowing. Sitting on the bamboo raft and enjoying the beautiful scenery on both sides, watching the fish playing around the bamboo raft, closing our eyes and feeling the array The breeze caressed, and from time to time a few dragonflies came and stopped by your side and wanted to catch but couldn't catch them. Some picked up water guns and started water battles. Seeing that the umbrellas became good shields, everyone immediately got them. laugh. Someone went deep into the artistic conception and sang "Little Bamboo Rows on the middle reaches of the river , walking on both sides of the towering green mountains". Later, I visited Furong Ancient Village. Furong Ancient Village was planned and designed according to the idea of ​​seven stars and eight buckets, which means that the stars in the sky correspond to the people on the earth, and the stars build platforms and buckets as symbols. Here, everyone learned about the evolution of ancient Chinese farming and reading culture and clan culture, and can feel the moving charm of the village architectural art. The houses in the village are mostly wooden structures, with jagged roofs, simple and elegant shapes, and trees lined with trees, making the whole village a harmonious and quiet beauty. After lunch, we reluctantly left Yandang Mountain.

This trip to Yandang Mountain not only provides everyone to enjoy the beauty of nature as much as possible, but also feels Fulaike’s harmonious team. Fulaike has always been committed to letting every employee work and live happily, and feel the love of the big family. Warmth, happiness, and security. With the corporate vision of "cultivating outstanding talents, building great companies, and creating a better life", it demonstrates Fulaike's demeanor in the new era.

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