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EMO debut-Fulaike debuts on the international stage




EMO debut-Fulaike debuts on the international stage

2019-09-18 10:02

Fulaike: The first EMO of quality, differentiation and customization route    

                                            --Interview with Zhou Ruihua, general manager of Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd.


    The 2019 Hannover Machine Tool Fair in Germany, as an internationally renowned exhibition, gathers many powerful industrial players in the world. Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as'Flake'), as a member of China's domestic cutting tool company, participated enthusiastically and completed the first EMO show. Zhou Ruihua, general manager of Fulaike, conveyed to the outside world the pattern of local Chinese enterprises based on the local and international perspective, and took the time to accept an interview with Li Wei, editor-in-chief of " Knife World " .



EMO debuts on the international stage

    Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd., a qualified supplier of China Aviation Development, was founded in 2004 and is located in the beautiful ancient city of Suzhou. With a cumulative investment of more than 40 million yuan, the world's top tool grinding equipment and testing equipment have been introduced. Fulaike is committed to the production and research and development of alloy cutting tools. The main products are: cemented carbide twist drills, step drills, end mills, reamers, etc. and various forming tools.
















    As a cooperative supplier of China Aviation Development, although Fulaike has never given up on the development of the international market, it still focuses its energy on the domestic market and maintains sufficient confidence and expectations in the domestic tool market. Speaking of this, Mr. Zhou further explained: "Now, although the current tool market fluctuates due to various reasons, and growth is encountering resistance, as the saying goes, the Chinese market is ours. The main base, the international tool market is the touchstone for Fulaike to go global, the bridgehead for continuous development and progress, and the test method for testing local products and world brand benchmarking test bases, as well as comparison with world brand products."



    At present, China's foreign trade tool market is uneven. There are those who focus on low prices and only ask about the price but not the quality. There are also those who attract attention with high prices. They seem to be prosperous, but in fact they have a difficult future and still have to work hard. Fulaike already has a share in the foreign trade tool market, and will continue to take further competition, just like Chinese-made knives replacing foreign brands during the development of the Chinese market, it slowly penetrates and gradually replaces foreign local brands, thereby expanding its presence in the foreign trade market. Business Category.



    At the end of the interview, Mr. Zhou said that the future of China's knife market must be a process of shuffling, and it is also a process of "big fish eating small fish, small fish eating shrimps". It is also a process of cutting tool companies practicing their internal skills and accumulating capital in a down-to-earth manner. The only thing that will not change is that the company must take the development route of quality, internationalization, and differentiation. It is even more obvious to establish the development direction of tailor-made and private customization. If blindly big and comprehensive, without distinctive features, companies will either stagnate or have a bleak future. For a long time, Fulaike has been practicing the route of providing customers with targeted and differentiated solutions. It has been developed for 15 years, and there will be a second 15 years and a third 15 years... in the Chinese tool market On the stage, intensive cultivation and continuous progress.

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