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Fulaike Family Day 2016




Fulaike Family Day 2016

2016-04-15 08:25

In order to enrich the staff's spare time, promote the feelings of the staff and communication with each other. 2016 Nian 4 Yue 9 day "Suzhou Precision Tool Co., Fulaike Family Day", held in the beautiful Yangcheng Lake side, two days before the drizzle, the sky was clear today, indeed, on Long Delicate, it brings the family land One after another came to our designated location.

Everyone did it by themselves, propped up the tent, set up the oven, took the food they wanted to eat in the smoke, put it on the metal net over the charcoal fire, and grilled it. The sizzling sound of barbecue, the fragrant smell of barbecue, gusts of wind drifting far away. Some employees were chatting while grilling food, some tasting cooked food, and some seven or eight gathered around while tasting food and drinking wine. There are beautiful dandelions blooming on the green lawn, and looking at the beautiful and expansive Yangcheng Lake on the other side, it makes people feel refreshed. The children happily resemble wild horses with reins, running and frolicking on the lawn, playing games, flying kites, eating barbecue , corn , chicken wings and so on.

Although colleagues are usually busy at work and may not communicate a little bit, during the entire event, everyone communicated with each other, cared for each other, talked cordially, and had a good time. It was like being in a large and harmonious family, feeling extra warm and fully demonstrating the company. Good spirit of the team.

This event not only increased the communication and exchanges between employees, but also improved the cohesion of the company, but also improved the morale of the employees. The time and the place are not as good as the people. We firmly believe that Fulaike will be more brilliant with everyone's efforts.


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