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Perseverance and persistence of a dream-builder in the tool industry




Perseverance and persistence of a dream-builder in the tool industry

2016-06-06 08:30

"The dreamer enjoys the extraordinary."

Dreams are great because of their power. Only if everyone has the heart to dream can society have the power to change. The same is true of society, and it is also extended to the tool industry in Suzhou . Mr. Zhou Ruihua, the general manager of Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd., is just such a dream-maker in the Suzhou tool industry. Whether it is during the rapid economic blowout or the economic downturn, Mr. Zhou and Fulaike have always adhered to peace. What we insist on is the dream of building Fulaike into a "hundred-year-old shop". It is this kind of dream to become a leading brand in the tool industry that enables Fulaike's continuous innovation and dedicated service. It is Fulaike's persistent pursuit of technology and quality, and continuous adherence to service and value that have achieved Fulaike's excellence today. In the future, Fulaike will inevitably move forward with the dream of Suzhou cutting tools .

Accumulate and practice internal skills to lay the foundation for development


In 2015 , the global economy is undergoing a period of in-depth adjustment, and the downward industry demand declines, and the manufacturing industry is also facing severe challenges. In 2015 and 2016, which was full of crises and turning points, in response to the changing market environment, Fulaike actively participated in the game of the market, relying on firm confidence, high standards of service, and understanding of market channels. Optimization not only passed 2015 steadily, consolidated and deepened the strategic partnership with important customers, but also won the recognition of many new customers with high-quality products and solid service quality in the first quarter of 2016. From the sales plan for the whole year of 2016 formulated by Fulaike, we can see the confidence and determination of Fulaike to forge ahead and face the difficulties in the face of economic difficulties! Mr. Zhou said: “From the sales in the first quarter of 2016, the market is slowly recovering, and our sales are also slowly growing. From the perspective of our cooperative customers, we have reached many new customers in the first quarter. Cooperation, so for Fulei

For Ke, 2016 is confidence, determination and responsibility! In 2015, we focused on cultivating our internal skills and put a lot of effort into channel construction, technical support, service policies, etc. In 2016, the annual sales target of the Fulaike team is to increase by 15%. We will continue to tap our own potential and improve the overall Service ability, and strive to hand over a good report card. "


An excellent company must continue to improve through long-term accumulation and precipitation. Then, for Suzhou tool companies, production technology, service team, and capital accumulation are all very important. When talking about the importance of capital accumulation, Mr. Zhou proudly said: "Flake has accumulated abundant financial support through 12 years of continuous accumulation. We and other tool companies have the same product quality and price. One of Fulaike's advantages can be reflected in the payment cycle. For example, the normal payment cycle of general companies is agreed to be 60 days for delivery, and Fulaike itself has enough funds to support customers to extend the payment time. Of course, we still hope that Tool users can pay back within the agreed period with the tool company to ensure the normal capital operation of the tool company. Only the entire Suzhou tool industry and even the manufacturing industry can have a healthy development capital environment."

Precise positioning and excellent quality to create a good competitive environment


From the perspective of the market structure of the entire tool industry, whether it is a foreign tool brand or a domestic tool brand, they occupy a place in their respective areas of expertise. However, without exception, tool manufacturers are actively pursuing their own new concepts, focusing not only on the improvement of technical services, but also the improvement of brand value and brand recognition. Speaking of Fulaike’s market and brand positioning, Mr. Zhou said meaningfully: “The vitality of an enterprise depends on its core values. For Fulaike, we have been insisting on positioning our products at mid-to-high end for 12 years. For the development of high-end quality, Fulaike will always adhere to its product positioning. Fulaike’s corporate vision is to become a "century-old store". All our employees are actively working towards this vision. Product is also a word of mouth, as long as positioning Accurate, excellent quality, and reliable service. We at Fulaike believe that the "hundred-year-old shop" must not be a dream!"


After experiencing the downward pressure of China's economy in 2015 , especially the manufacturing industry has been facing pressures of low profits and high costs for a long time, market competition has become more intense. Speaking of competition in the tool industry, Mr. Zhou said: "The survival of the fittest is the law of market competition. We have to follow it. We believe that the strong will become stronger and the weak will be eliminated. The strong must win by high-quality products, not by low prices. Price.” Mr. Zhou said, China’s tool market is huge, and sometimes the competition is not only fierce, but can even be described as “bad”. He hopes that large domestic benchmark tool companies can give positive guidance in price orientation, and small tool companies

Should shoulder the responsibility of product quality control, so that the entire tool market will form a healthy competition in a positive and healthy environment. Fulaike will not take the initiative to initiate a price war, only a quality war, and use quality and service to prove itself to users! According to Mr. Zhou, there is a sentence in Fulaike’s corporate culture that goes deep into all employees: “Quality is never negotiable!” Whether it’s the industry’s hotly discussed “Industry 4.0 ” or “Made in China 2025”, China and the entire There will be a qualitative leap in the development of the world's manufacturing industry. The world looks at China, and China looks at manufacturing. Fulaike hopes that more tool companies will shoulder the responsibility of "Made in China", learn from the concepts and advantages of foreign tool brands, and maintain good prices. System, focus on improving product quality.

Stable innovation, continuous improvement, mutual benefit and win-win with users


The Fulaike brand has gone through more than ten years, and the reputation and quality of its products have been baptized by the market. Nowadays, Fulaike’s products mainly include carbide twist drills , step drills, center drills, taps, end mills, reamers, chamfering cutters, countersinks, and various non-standard tools customized according to user requirements. A variety of tool holder systems and various imported cemented carbide bars. When it comes to Fulaike’s star products, the number one is cemented carbide drills. Fulaike is based on the tool market by producing high-quality alloy drills. It has been repeatedly used and certified by customers, and Fulaike itself is constantly optimizing and upgrading its products. , Effectively help customers improve efficiency and reduce costs, and bring high-quality product quality and perfect cost performance to customers. Technological innovation and perfection of processing technology are eternal topics of Fulaike. According to Mr. Zhou, in 2015 , Fulaike’s newly developed taper ball-end milling cutter specially used for aviation impeller processing has undergone repeated tests and obtained a lot of results. Customer recognition. In addition, in the C919 large aircraft project, Fulaike has provided matching tools for engine parts and tools, and COMAC and military industry have seen significant growth in these two businesses. Mr. Zhou said: "In 2016, Fulaike will carry out intensive cultivation in the military industry and win the market and make improvements in the military industry with high-quality products."


The development direction of domestic cutting tools must be stable products and high-quality services to win the market. What Fulaike is pursuing in the future is to "innovate while maintaining stability" and put "continuous improvement" in place. Fulaike not only has to maintain a stable advantage in product quality and performance, but also invests a lot in technical support and after-sales service. Mr. Zhou said: “The customer is the responsibility of Fulaike. The substantial innovation in products is not our primary task at present. We pay more attention to the continuous optimization and upgrading of existing products, and the continuous improvement of existing technologies and services. , We will continue to refine and strengthen the existing tool series, improve and deepen the application of Fulaike tools in various industries, and focus on cultivating the recognition of Fulaike by users in the military and aerospace fields."


With the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, users increasingly value the stability of tool product quality. Fulaike also pays great attention to the innovation of products and services. Once a tool product is sold, it does not mean that it has nothing to do with the manufacturer. Follow-up supporting services are very important. Service is to make users feel satisfied. This kind of service should always run through the design of "private custom" tools, on-site application services, and the delivery of the final product. As an example, Mr. Zhou said: “In a project of supporting bracket processing for Volkswagen, after we got the drawings, we debugged the fixtures and tools one by one, and delivered them within the specified time, making the customer truly feel that this is a private order. System’s intimate service.” Therefore, for Fulaike, innovation is, in a greater sense, a real innovation that combines soft and hard, intimate service and excellent products; it is to step into the door of users, and you must stand on the door of users. To solve problems from the user’s visual angle, we can truly achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with users.

Market tempering, down-to-earth training an efficient team


The progress made by Suzhou tool enterprises in the current market environment not only tests the mindset of the leaders of the industry, but also tests the wisdom and courage of the team. For a long time, competition is not only the competition of strong products and technology, but also the comprehensive consideration of "soft power". The core of soft power lies in the "people" factor. Most of Fulaike’s employees are from a "swordsman" background. Mr. Zhou said frankly: "When I founded Fulaike, one person, more than a dozen equipments, from technology research and development to market sales, step by step step by step. Yes, to make Suzhou Knives is to work steadily and know how to solve practical problems.” In 2016 , Fulaike will continue to improve the comprehensive capabilities of employees through various personnel improvement plans and create a more efficient and professional team. For Fulaike employees, they must be tempered by market practice to improve their personal abilities, experience learning in practice, and be on the scene to know the crux of the problem, learn through communication with users and peers, and find solutions in the field The solution to the problem. Mr. Zhou said: “I often tell our employees that Fulaike’s team needs to move together and have the same goals to make the factory prosperous. A century-old store is our common vision. In this process, we cherish every employee. , We don’t want anyone to get off the bus halfway, and all employees work together to make Fulaike long, long, and good."


The market environment can be changed, but what remains unchanged is the confidence to make changes. "People-oriented, mutual benefit and win-win, customer first, quality first" is the service concept that Fulaike has always adhered to. "Flake will uphold this service concept, take talents as the foundation, technology as the core, market-oriented, eager to meet the needs of customers, and carry forward the team spirit of'strict self-interest, unity and hard work'. , To fight shoulder to shoulder with Chinese manufacturing companies," said Zhou Zong.


There is a long way to go, the strong will rise to the challenge, and the weak will end in trouble. During the whole process of talking with Mr. Zhou, what we felt most was "confidence", or even "passionate". We have accumulated more than ten years of accumulated strength, keen market insights, solid technical services, and excellent Product quality and excellent service team all make Fulaike have enough confidence and strength to rise against the trend in the current situation! Time does not live, God rewards hard work, Fulaike will continue to play to its own advantages, keep up with the pace of modern manufacturing development, be brave to innovate, and continue to move towards the goal of "a century-old shop".

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