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Multi-layer hole machining case of transmission planetary gear




Multi-layer hole machining case of transmission planetary gear

2019-09-04 18:52

         In 2016 , a well-known manufacturer of planetary gears for processing transmissions encountered production confusion. The main product processed was the output shaft in the planetary gear transmission. The inner cavity of the product had three double-layer holes. Actually processed products always have unstable position of the three holes and out-of-poor verticality of the upper and lower holes. The effect of using multiple tool suppliers is always unsatisfactory. Afterwards, Fulaike Tools approached it and finally gave a design plan. The design, production, and coating of Fulaike tools were delivered to customers for trial within four days. The customer's trial results were quite satisfactory, consistent with accuracy and stable life.

Cutting tool processing before customer use:

1. There are upper and lower horn holes and the verticality is out of tolerance

2. Three pairs of upper and lower symmetrical holes are not stable relative to the center of the circle.

The main features of planetary gear transmission : 1. High transmission efficiency 2. High carrying capacity, compact structure 3. Smooth transmission, low noise 4. Large speed ratio range 5. The core unit is modularized and easy to maintain. The output shaft of the planetary gear is an important structure that cooperates with the work of various gears, which directly affects the stability of the entire planetary gear transmission, and its accuracy requirements are self-evident. Fulaike's specially designed drill bits can effectively eliminate the processing problems encountered by the above-mentioned customers.

The drill bit technology designed by Fulaike achieves the following three points:

1. The upper and lower apertures guarantee +/-0.01 tolerance

2. The relative location of the center of the holes to ensure the stability in 0.01 or less

3. Tool life increased by 100% , stable use

Processing application data:

Workpiece material : 40Cr modulation (HRC 28~32)

Machine tool equipment Machining center

Tool holder information heat shrinkable tool holder

Cooling :      external cooling

Aperture tolerance : +/-0.01

Position degree:    0.01max

Speed:      1500

Feed : 80-100

Tool life used by customers before: intermittent defects

Fulaike tool life: stable 200 pieces

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