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Transmission gear dry cutting hole machining case




Transmission gear dry cutting hole machining case

2019-09-04 18:55

   Fulaike recently successfully replaced an imported brand tool with a dry-cut step drill, which solved the problem of long procurement cycle for customers and ensured the stability of tool quality. Fulaike Tools is also committed to the development and manufacturing of high-efficiency cutting tools. It can not only improve the cost-effectiveness of products by maximizing the life of a single tool, but also undertake the overall optimization plan of the project, and always implement the concept of "reducing costs and improving efficiency".

One: Part information

Material : 20MnCrS5HL

Machine tool double-spindle machining center

Cooling method: air cooling

Processing part: D12.8 through hole with 0.5 chamfer , 12 to 32 holes on the gear , depth 15~18mm


2: Description of Difficulties in Part Processing

1. Aperture tolerance plus / minus 0.02 

2. Eliminate export "hats"

3. Eliminate scratches caused by iron filings wound around the surface of parts

4. The service life is more than 1500 products (the total travel of tool processing is more than 200 meters)


At present, the imported tools used by customers have irregular export caps, and iron filings scratch the surface of parts in the middle and late stages of tool processing. The original tool delivery time is relatively long, and the supply cannot keep up, which makes customers headache.


Three: Fulaike optimizes the tool

Design Features:

1. Unique groove shape, chip breaking and chip removal are smoother

2. Unique blade shape, good self-centering effect

3. Special cutting edge treatment to eliminate export hats

4. Targeted coating, higher wear resistance

Four: Final test results (application data)

 Tool diameter: D12.8

 Vc: 100m/min

  S:   2500r/min

  F:   500mm/min

Original knife life: unstable life, abnormally prominent defects

Fulaike tool life: 280 meters (no abnormality)


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