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Suzhou tool chooses whether you value efficiency or precision




Suzhou tool chooses whether you value efficiency or precision

2016-06-17 18:31

In metal cutting, the selection of alloy tools in Suzhou is a problem that almost every process engineer must face. Suzhou tool selection must consider many issues, and accordingly there are many principles, such as efficiency principles, machining accuracy principles, stability principles, and economy Principles and so on. Talk about the efficiency principle. The efficiency principle is actually inseparable from other principles, especially the economic principle. The main purpose of requiring efficiency is to ensure the economy of the entire processing. But efficiency is particularly important, so it is independent. Discuss separately. Next. The efficiency principle is first of all efficiency under the premise of ensuring acceptable processing accuracy and acceptable stability. Without this basic condition, efficiency is impossible to talk about. Just like we hope that our vehicles (such as cars) can bring us Come faster, but safety is the first priority. Once a plane crashes, many people will carefully consider whether to continue to choose an airplane to travel, and airlines will also re-examine the existing safety strategy. Without safety, the plane will It will not become the preferred means of transportation. The choice of Suzhou alloy tools is the same. I think that in today's increasingly fierce market competition, the expectations of companies for process engineers are no longer to solve simple process problems, but to expect process engineers to be able to Greater contribution. If our process engineers can start from the overall situation of the company and contribute to the improvement of the company's manufacturing process, they will definitely win the approval and praise of the business owner. According to the data of the survey of foreign modern metal processing companies, the tool itself is in the manufacturing cost The proportion of the medium is not very high, usually between 2% to 4%, and the high is about 7%. However , the impact of Suzhou tools on the processing efficiency is very huge. Can a device of hundreds of thousands of dollars be able to perform The due effect often depends on a Suzhou tool of a few dollars . A cost analysis example I once got shows that it can reduce the purchase price by 30% (referring to no change in the performance of the Suzhou tool ) or extend the life of the Suzhou tool by 50% (Usually you need to rely on Suzhou knivesThe technological advancement of manufacturers) can only reduce manufacturing costs by about 1% -because the cost of Suzhou tooling only accounts for 4% of the total manufacturing cost. But if the processing parameters can be increased by 20%, the manufacturing cost can be reduced by about 15%- Although if the cutting speed is increased by 20%, the tool cost will increase by 50%, but because the processing cycle is shortened, the total cost is still greatly reduced.

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