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The market status of domestic precision non-standard Suzhou tools




The market status of domestic precision non-standard Suzhou tools

2016-04-09 17:44
Advanced Suzhou tool technology is the foundation and guarantee to promote the development of cutting technology. In the domestic high-end precision tool (such as cemented carbide milling cutters , Suzhou drilling , Suzhou milling cutters , taps, etc.) market, foreign tool manufacturers (mainly from The competition between Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries is also quite fierce. Most powerful companies have established subsidiaries or offices in China, and many small but slightly famous Suzhou tool companies have also found them in China. Agents. The most fierce competition among them is the high-end standard Suzhou tool market, because standard tools often have a large inventory, are highly interchangeable, and have a short delivery period. They can be supplied within one or two weeks. But it is not standard tool delivery period often take 8-10 weeks, shorter delivery time requirements difficult to meet the Chinese customers. Suzhou tool development technology involves Suzhou tool material and Suzhou tool development structure, Suzhou cutting tool material is to enhance the tool Suzhou performance Basically, the Suzhou tool structure is the key to improving the accuracy of workpiece processing. The precision machinery manufacturing industry with high value-added products such as automobiles, aviation, and military is the main user of high-end precision tools. Due to the vigorous and rapid development of the above-mentioned industries in China in recent years, the domestic market There is a great demand for high-end precision Suzhou tools (mainly cemented carbide tools ). However , the market for this type of high-end Suzhou tools is currently mainly divided by foreign tool manufacturers, Suzhou ToolsManufacturers rarely participate in the competition.

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