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2013, the journey of the rise of China's automobile industry-Fulaike helped




2013, the journey of the rise of China's automobile industry-Fulaike helped

2013-02-15 16:53

China's automobile industry has entered an explosive growth phase since 2002; by 2012, my country's automobile market has achieved steady growth as a whole, the overall economic efficiency of the production and sales market has been relatively good, the growth rate of various types of automobiles has a large difference, and the industry concentration has increased. Improve, and further optimize the industrial structure. As an important part of the world's auto industry, China's auto industry will be the golden age of China's auto industry in the next ten years. The auto industry has completed the process of growing from small to large, and is gradually realizing a huge leap from weak to strong. The global auto industry will further transfer to China and some emerging economies. This is still a very rare historical opportunity for the Chinese auto industry. At present, the Chinese automobile market is not only developing rapidly, but also automobile consumer demand is changing rapidly. For the Chinese automobile industry, it will usher in the next golden decade, and independent brands will complete the development from "Made in China" to "Created in China". process.

    However, if China's auto industry wants to embark on a journey of rising from big to strong, it must upgrade from the previous "price war" to a "quality war". "Quality resistance" will be the primary factor for future auto companies to enhance their competitiveness. If you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. The quality struggle in the automotive industry is inseparable from the united efforts of many industry chain companies. This undoubtedly brings more opportunities and challenges to its high-speed cutting "spikes and sharp teeth"-tools, which means that the automobile industry will bring a newer and broader space for our survival and development. . The expansion of production capacity in the automotive industry will inevitably increase the demand for tools. This is undoubtedly the biggest opportunity for our tool suppliers. And its strict control of product quality, correspondingly has more and higher requirements on the stability of tool quality, the reform of tools and cutting technology, this is also a major challenge for us, especially It is a private enterprise of knives of our size.

    We remain cautiously optimistic about the automotive market in 2013. While quickly and conveniently serving old customers related to the automotive industry (such as FAW-Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, GM Wuling, Continental Motors, Chery Automobile, etc.), we will intensify our efforts to develop friendly cooperation projects with Hyundai Motor's renewal customers, especially Will increase the promotion of my country's northern automobile market.

    In 2013 , in order to better serve China's automobile industry, Fulaike concentrated on practicing "internal strength", and made a series of preparations in terms of product quality, tool technology, after-sales service, etc. to ensure the good stability of tool quality and relieve customers from Worries. Fulaike has now increased the consolidation and improvement of the tool manufacturing process, added tool follow-up processing equipment, and improved the standardization of manufacturing drawings. In addition, in terms of after-sales service, we have added a customer service department on the basis of only the sales staff themselves responsible for the follow-up services in the past, that is, for different customers and merchants, we will assign special personnel to carry out after-sales tracking services. Where there is a problem, we will arrange the customer service and technical engineers to understand the problem, solve the problem and carry out a series of problem tracking in the first time, so as to provide customers with all-round and high-quality after-sales service.

   "People-oriented, mutual benefit and win-win, customer first, quality first" is our everlasting service concept of Fulaike. We will uphold this service concept, seize opportunities, meet challenges, and strive to achieve true mutual benefit with our customers. A win-win situation will contribute to the rise of my country's automobile industry from big to strong.

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