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  • Product Name: Deep Hole Drilling
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Solid carbide deep hole drills
Manufacturing features:
1. Efficient Solid carbide drills with internal cooling system
2. DPP coating (maximum blade life)
3. The drilling depth 8 × D 12 × D
4. The diameter range of 3 ~ 20mm
5.4 The margin structure
6. A shank according to DIN 6535HA

Application features:
? Materials suitable for P, K (M, N, S)
? Can be used in general machinery industry, automobile industry, mold industry, etc.

? High cutting parameters to optimize production efficiency
? Through four edge band, to achieve stability Parts
? Through reliable chip, to achieve process reliability


1. The size, form of cooling can be customized
2. shank form can DIN6535HA / HB / HE Custom

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