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Fleck Tool Company is committed to the beginning of construction in 2004 Tool grinding services.
Eight years of accumulated experience in grinding
Grinding the concept of continuous improvement
The introduction of advanced grinding equipment
Perfect inspection equipment
Hone and growth lasted eight years, Fleck tool grinding services already reached the level of foreign brands of tools.

1. Sophisticated equipment

Fleck introduction of foreign imports of five-axis grinding machines, grinding an overall improvement in the quality of
Greatly improving production efficiency
Solve the customer grinding length delivery problems

Fleck grinding services, normal delivery 1-2 weeks

 For customers re-production tasks and other issues, Fleck made the concept of emergency three days of delivery


5 Axis CNC precision tool grinder                                      

2. Improve the standard
Fleck tool company inherit the German tool manufacturing standards, to deal with edge type drills, milling cutters, reamers and other tools, to further improve, rigorous, meticulous grinding standard. For some customers the important aspects of processing, depending on the processing conditions, the development of grinding standard, great to meet customer high-quality tool grinding requirements.

3. Advanced detection equipment
Pass rate detection tool is the most important part of grinding services, Fleck grinding tool for the problem of higher failure rates, increase the grinding tool quality monitoring, and strive to achieve & ldquo; Zero”
      Repair, customers avoid losses

 Precision instrument on the knife ZOLLER

Fleck increasingly improve the detection process

I believe the starting point is the customer's quality Fleck•••



4.Sales service
Fleck tool company, has improved customer service team will always communicate with customers and exchanges. Feedback to customer needs, in order to further enhance the quality of the tool to prepare

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