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Let's fly and enjoy life

Date:2018-5-21 22:29

Fleck Company Barbecue Activity

In order to revitalize the company's cultural atmosphere and enrich the leisure life of its employees, enjoy the pleasure of group activities during the busy and busy work. At 8:30 am on March 24, 2018, Fleck Company held a barbecue at the scenic Yangcheng Lake. The participation of colleagues from various departments was actively participated.

Every morning, everyone came to Yangcheng Lake. In the sunny and picturesque Yangcheng Lake, everyone enjoyed the beautiful scenery and breathed the fresh air of the lake. Colleagues one by one like a flying out of the cage of birds, playing giggly and cheering.

In order to do a good job of this event, we prepared barbecue food and seasoning in advance, and arrived at the scene in advance to prepare the event venue. Everyone has a clear division of labor. There is a fire of life. Someone smuggles food and cooperates with them. They are so busy! It was time to count up the stove. Several people surrounded the stove with some fans, some blowing, some with the newspaper, and spent a great deal of effort to ignite the charcoal fire. Taking advantage of the strong charcoal, the barbecue officially opened.

Everyone sat around the stove, holding a skewer, and laughing and talking while eating a variety of ingredients. Although the weather was a little hot and it was close to the stove, it was from the bursts of laughter and busyness. What we feel is that it enjoys harmony and harmony, and it is not too big for a while. The scent is flooded throughout the entire site. Colleagues proudly show off and compete with each other with their own masterpieces, and immediately eat up arrogantly. Some colleagues have unprofessional skills. When baked, they are cooked on the inside. Just after they bite down, they discover that: Some people are very aggressive. Some of them are very tempting, and the roasted things are very tempting. Everyone robs them and grabs them. Therefore, from time to time, the lake bursts with laughter from time to time. Some of my colleagues are more naughty. From here they eat there. When they go there, they “stole” a bit and go over there to “get” a little, causing a wave of laughter. . Some have brought up kites with their children. Some are lying in tents and listening to music singing songs. Some go to the river to catch screws. Some pick horse heads, cheers and laughter continue, enjoyable, harmonious and happy. Everyone enjoys the fun of barbecue.

The good times are always in such a hurry and the activities are unknowingly coming to an end. The organization of the barbecue activity not only allowed employees to relax their minds, but also gained health and happiness, and more importantly, increased the feelings among employees and increased the number of employees. The cohesiveness and joyful mood of the company can bring about efficient work. The relaxation of body and mind makes everyone forget the intense and busy work. After relaxing, they will devote themselves to a new week of work with a passionate and full-hearted attitude. Spring is the time, everyone is happy and happy, let us work together to create a beautiful blueprint for Fleck's tomorrow!














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