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Dream start, go hand in hand

Date:2018-5-21 22:21

2017 Flick Year-end Party Activity Report

When the old jinji reported that he was going old, Ruigou brought good luck to spring! On February 3, 2018, Suzhou Fleck Precision Tools Co., Ltd. thanked Fleck employees for their hard work in the past year and held a year-end party at “National Holiday Hotel”.

First of all, Mr. Zhou Ruihua, the company's general manager, delivered the congratulatory message for the opening of the year. 2017 Fleck’s performance continues to grow, the market area continues to expand, and the influence of the industry continues to deepen. At the same time, we have also emerged a number of outstanding employees and role models. The employees are diligent and diligent in their work, playing the role of benchmarks and role models. Under the warm applause, the company’s leaders awarded the “Flyek 2017 Excellent Staff” award, the “8-year loyalty staff” award, and encouraged the award-winning employees to take the initiative. Precepts, in the new year to play a leading role model, make new contributions.

The year-end dinner program was dazzling. Sophisticated female solo, elegant solo boys, lively dance, fun games and other programs are colorful and colorful. The lucky draw links are also interspersed with four equals: 15 (600 yuan/person) and 3 classes. Awards: 10 (1000 yuan/person), second prize: 8 (2000 yuan/person), first prize: 2 (3000 yuan/person), special prize: 1 (4000 yuan/person) and Zhou The total number of special prizes: 3 (5,000 yuan/person) and Tete et al.: 1 (8000 yuan), which continuously set off the climax of the annual meeting.

The party not only brought cheers and laughter to everyone, but also made the relationship between departments and colleagues more close. The company’s management interacted closely with the staff. Songs, applause and cheers have been rippling at the party, showing the happiness and harmony of the Fleck family.

The glorious year of 2017 passed and the 2018 full of hopes and challenges came quietly. In the past year, we smiled, had a hard time, and we had harvested. In the face of 2018, we were full of energy and passion. We let the Fleek people raise their sleeves and work hard to create a beautiful tomorrow for Fleck.

In 2018, we will not forget the beginning of the year and we will not lose sight of expectations. We will carry forward our dreams and work together to create the future!

The wonderful opening speech of the host opened the curtain for the thanks dinner!



Mr. Zhou’s family and staff gathered together for a good time.


Mr. Zhang sang a man's affection and heroism with a "brilliant year."


Miss Yang "love song 1990" sings deep affection.


The company rewards hard-working employees with generous prizes.


The winning employee’s face has a bright smile.

In 2017, the company emerged a group of outstanding employees, thank them for their hard work.

For the past eight years, the commentary on them has been full of connotations of "hepatitis, blood, and rendition." Loyalty is the most essential element in their long life. Dedication is the value beacon for them to realize their ideals of life.

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