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Kawasaki visit

Date:2018-5-21 22:10

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a strong Japanese company with production bases in Japan (head office factories), the United Kingdom, China, and South Korea. The Kawasaki brand hydraulic machines and systems have been spread all over the world. Kawasaki Precision Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou High-tech Zone, and is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of hydraulic pumps and motors for construction machinery.

In order to further strengthen the cooperation between the two parties, on November 7th Mr. Sun, Director of Mechanical Processing Section of Suzhou Kawasaki Co., Ltd., Ms. Lu of the Procurement Division visited our company, and accompanied by our company’s General Manager Zhou Ruihua and Sales Manager Qin Ning. The logistics warehouse, manual group workshop, CNC workshop, office, etc., Kawasaki's leadership made detailed inquiries on the molding, size, and surface treatment processes of the tool products. Qin Ning, the sales manager, gave an answer. The Kawasaki company delegation praised and affirmed the company's production site management, strict process control system, process research and development, and quality control.


Based on the product quality and product service concerns of our customers, our company stated that Fleck always pays attention to the customer's demands for quality and service. We will continue to strengthen our understanding of customer product demand and service requirements, continue to enrich the power of customer service, and enhance the management level. Improve management processes and provide customers with cost-effective products and services.


The relevant leaders of Kawasaki Company fully recognized our company's scale and strength, R&D capabilities and detailed product introductions, and gave full recognition to our company. We highly praised Fleck's quality control level and pointed out that “I hope Fulke will With excellent product quality and product service, we can become an important supplier for Kawasaki Precision's long-term trust and continuous cooperation."


Through this exchange, both parties hope to establish a new situation of mutually beneficial cooperation and common development through the establishment of a normalized communication mechanism and cooperation.

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