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In-depth cooperation and common development

Date:2018-5-21 22:06

- Remember NSK leaders visit Fleck

NSK Seiko Co., Ltd. has been the first Japanese manufacturer of bearings since 1916 when it first started producing bearings. It has developed and supplied bearings of various types and has made tremendous contributions to the development of the industry and the advancement of machinery. Now NSK holds the top position in Japan in the bearing field, and it is also in the forefront of the world. In order to deepen the cooperation between NSK and Fleck, on the morning of October 25, 2017, Prof. Inoue of NSK Procurement Department personally took the first director, Nine Doors Tetsuya, to visit our company.


Mr. Zhou Ruihua, general manager of our company, accompanied Mr. Zhou Ruihua's management team to warmly welcome the NSK leaders and introduced the company's corporate culture, company scale, company development history, technology research and development, production capacity and technology, and quality assurance to the guests. All aspects of Fleck's situation and the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges. Then the customer leaders visited and inspected the production workshop, quality inspection room, logistics warehouse, management office and other sites.



During the visit, Zhou Zong introduced in detail the tool products produced by our company, the company's technological innovation strength, major technical achievements, and achievements in product development. When Mr. Inoue, General Manager of NSK Purchasing Department, went to a place, he inquired in detail about our engineers and technicians and on-site operations personnel to understand relevant information such as processing and manufacturing, process control, quality control and personnel training, and fully inspected the status of our production site.




After the visit, NSK's Purchasing General Manager, Inoue, highly affirmed the cutting tool products and services that Fleck currently provides to NSK, and highly affirmed the company's current capabilities in technology research and development, processing and manufacturing, and quality control, and stated that NSK should further cooperate with Suzhou. Fleck Precision Tools Co., Ltd. has in-depth cooperation and is confident that both parties will have deeper cooperation in the future. We look forward to working with Fleuk to advance and develop together. Mr. Zhou thanked the NSK leaders for their high appraisal and stated that Fleuk will continue to strive for excellence, provide customers with better products and services, and look forward to establishing a close and long-term close cooperative relationship with NSK to promote the joint development of the two companies.

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