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2017 Fleck Dragon Tiger Mountain Tourism

Date:2018-5-21 22:02

On August 11, 2017, all employees of Suzhou Fleck Precision Tools Co., Ltd. went to Longhushan, Jiangxi for a three-day tour. At 5:00 in the morning, the employees arrived at the company on time. After an orderly inventory of people, the coaches drove on time to the high-speed train at 5:30. Standing high-speed rail to Yingtan, to the high-speed rail station everyone ordered to listen to command one by one on the high-speed rail.

Longhushan is closely related to Zhang Daoling, the founder of the Chinese Taoist organization. Zhang Daoling was originally named Zhang Ling. East Han Pei Guofeng is currently in Fengxian County, Jiangsu Province and was once appointed as Jiangzhou Order. According to "The Family of Han Tianshi," Zhang Daoling ran for a lifetime to learn and teach. He once practiced seclusion in the mountains and rivers in Zhejiang, Anhui and Henan provinces. In the first year of Han and Emperor YongYuan and his disciple Wang Chang from Huai to Fuyang, he came back to Yunjin Mountain, made nine days of God Dan, Dan Cheng and Long Hujian, and hence the name of Longhu Mountain. "One" Tianshifu "two" clear water Danshan "three "cliff tomb."





Around 11:30 we arrived in Yingtan and tasted local food. After lunch, we started on the first day of the visit to Tianshifu, the ancient town of Shangqing, and Wuhuan Village. We took a sightseeing train to Tianshifu. There were mirrors in front of Tianshifu, and there was a lean on, a left on the left, and a right on the right. Tigers (backed by Huashan, facing the peak, facing the Suixi River) everyone was surprised. The Old Town of Shangqing features local stalls and snacks. The village without mosquitoes is also on the banks of the west bank of the Saxi River. The same mountains, the same water, the same grass, the same trees, and other places have mosquitoes. Why are there no mosquitoes here? The local tour guide explained that: Once, the first generation of Heavenly Master Zhang Daoling and his mother came back from the Imperial Palace to Tian Shi Fu, and spent a night in Xujia Village on the other side of the palace. No matter how late the evening arrives, mosquitoes sound like thunder, disturbing Zhang Mu's restlessness. Zhang Tianshi is a dutiful son. He immediately picked up the fan, chanted in his mouth, waved a handful of mosquitoes, and soon he would not dare to fly into Xujia Village, which is now a mosquito-free village. Of course, this is a legend, scientific explanation, no mosquito-friendly villages, Yishui’s houses, facing the water, and ferrying out. Every household has a boat. Since ancient times, “the water is not rot”, the village is full of ancient banyan trees, banyan trees, banyan trees, and caves. Hundreds of bats, so no mosquitoes here.



On the second day of bamboo rafting sightseeing, one view, and Elephant Trunk Hill, we took the bamboo rafts and put on life jackets in order. Longhu Mountain was a typical Danxia landform. Most of the mountains were sleek without any angularity. The peaks of the mountain, like the creatures emerging from the Suixi River, monks and nuns, lotuses, temples, Jinyun, spoon stones, drum stones, test swords, jade combs, and shyness... seem to stand on both sides of the river to welcome the arrival of our employees.


We ferried to the other side to watch the ascending performances. The eternal obsession on the steep cliffs is a rare spectacle, and it is also one of the three extremes in Longhushan. Hanging temples are also called cliff tombs. They are the oldest and most special kind of tombs in China. Sitting on a bamboo raft looking up at the wall, you can see large and small stone caves, where one or two coffins are placed, and some caves have mud-built platforms. It is said that most of the dragons and tigers in Longhu Mountain are relics of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, and this is also the birthplace of Chinese cliff tombs. At that time, due to the frequent wars and the lack of support for the people, they chose the precipitous precipice as a place to stay after death to show the meaning of later generations' “giving privilege” and “doing filial piety”. How is it hanging up? From the bamboo rafts, look at the cliffs facing the water, that is, the side on which the coffins are placed. Most of the slopes are close to or over 90 degrees. There is no sign of climbing up or down. Not to mention coffins, it is not possible to climb up with empty hands. It is a mystery how to hang up what is hanging. We have witnessed the ascending performances. The performers, under the precipitous 90-degree cliff “Flying and walking”, transported the coffins at a vertical angle to the opening where the coffin precipices were placed. The coffins hanging from the coffins were still not directly accessible to the cliffs. There was a need for an extraordinary master who climbed the coffin to step on the coffin to control the direction of the coffin. Another master pulled the coffin into the hole. The master performed the watch on the cliff and let people watch it for them.
Longhushan boasts Elephant Trunk Hill, the “first dry elephant in the world”. Elephant Trunk Hill, Strawberry Peak, and Candle Peak are towering. It is regarded as the “Samsung Gaozhao” of Fulushou. Legend has it that in order to alleviate the drought in one side and relieve the suffering of the people, The elephant trunk was inserted into the soil to dig deep water and labored day and night. After being overworked, it was unable to pull out the trunk, and was turned into a fairy by Zhang Tianshi for future generations to pay their respects. The trunk road on the straight trunk wall of Elephant Trunk Hill made me feel a bit timid, but I watched Fuleke's colleagues on the path along the cliff, fear of heights, and I felt courage on the path along the cliff. I want to say that Fleck has such a team. Is there anything that can stop it? Walking on the path along the cliff is really a matter of ascending and long-term views. Because of the mountain's livelihood, the beauty of the water, the beauty of the Longhu Mountain, and the beauty of the United States in the nature, the beauty is in the original. Nature has given the beautiful ecological environment of Longhu Mountain.
After lunch on August 13, 2017, we reluctantly left Longshan Mountain to drive back to Suzhou. This tour made me feel the most “warm” and “powerful team”. Although everyone is tired, they still help Colleagues hold children, pack bags, buy water, etc. With the development of the company, the conciseness of the corporate culture, the gradual standardization and improvement of the management model, Fleck's personalized management has been fully reflected, this tour enhances the company’s entire group. The cohesiveness and friendship as a starting point, so that everyone Tao governance mood, flying ideas, this event not only relieved the staff of the usual job stress and tension, but also enhance the cohesion of the team to help each other.

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