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Date:2018-5-21 21:21

The spring breeze in March brought warm sunshine, March sunshine brought bright weather, and March weather brought beautiful flowers. In this sunny March, Li Shengrong, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Transportation and Director Zhang of the street visited our Suzhou Fleck Precision Tools Co., Ltd. to visit and bring great encouragement and motivation to the company's employees.

On March 22, 2017, Mr. Zhou Ruihua, general manager of the company, and related leaders of the company warmly welcomed Secretary Li and leaders. Secretary Li and Mr. Zhou and employees of the company cordially met and carefully listened to Zhou's report on the company's overall situation, product characteristics, the company's future development goals, as well as difficulties and considerations during the development. Zhou Zong also showed great concern for his employees. Inquired about the related policies of the company’s foreign employees' enrollment and transfer, and the series of people’s livelihood issues that the subway extended Katsuura. After listening to the report and answering the questions, Li Shuji inspected the factory site, accompanied by the company’s President Zhou and related leaders of the company. He visited the production workshop and observed the front-line employees. He listened carefully to the performance of the company’s equipment introduced by the director, Jiang Feng. The current technology of the product, its position in the market and the future development of the product. Secretary Li listened with interest and interrupted questions from time to time to learn about the operation of the equipment and the specific details of the product. After a thorough understanding of the company’s production and operation and technology, Secretary Li and the leaders accompanying him accompanied the company’s products to a high degree of appreciation, fully affirming Mr. Zhou Ruihua’s visionary vision, pioneering and pioneering spirit and powerful force. He praised the efforts and achievements made by the company in developing the local economy and serving the society. He encouraged the Fleck team to continue to work diligently and to innovate as always. Secretary Li also put forward many good suggestions for the future development of the company.

After 13 years of arduous pioneering, the company has developed into a star enterprise in the tool industry. The visit of Li Shuji fully demonstrated that the achievements made by our company after years of development are remarkable. His visit guidance greatly inspired the pride and sense of achievement of the employees of the company, adding a powerful impetus to our continued advancement.






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