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A helmet and a belt of enterprises




A helmet and a belt of enterprises

2020-06-22 10:16

   Starting from June 1, 2020, the "One Helmet and One Belt" security protection operation will be carried out nationwide. The Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau also issued the "Notice on the Implementation of the Measures for the Management of Safety Helmets for Driving and Riding Electric Bicycles" to implement comprehensive management of safety helmets for driving and riding electric bicycles throughout the city.



 In order to further improve the traffic safety awareness of enterprise employees, effectively prevent the occurrence of road traffic accidents during the commuting of employees, and develop the good habit of employees to abide by traffic laws, on June 19, 2020, the Shengpu Traffic Police Squadron was concerned about the company’s visit to our company With safety education, helmets, tail strips, and posters, all employees of our company participated in the "One Helmet, One Belt" operation.



 Captain Chen of Shengpu Squadron combined the safety knowledge of "One Helmet and One Belt" to explain the "Regulations on the Management of Electric Bicycles of Jiangsu Province", which stated that driving electric bicycles on the road should be at least 16 years old. Adults driving electric bicycles can only carry one. Minors under the age of sixteen should use safety seats if they carry minors under six. The employees said, "We always feel that there is a seat behind the electric car to take people. I don't know that there is such a rule." Some employees said, "Sometimes we go out with an adult, and the child is in our arms when we are young. After Captain Chen explained, we understand that this is very unsafe and can easily cause safety accidents." Captain Chen also explained to us "seat belt = life belt", "knowledge of traffic safety driving", "safety in one helmet and one belt" and so on.


 Subsequently, Captain Chen of the Shengpu Traffic Police Squadron and related police officers presented our employees with "helmets" and "light tails for electric bicycles", and taught everyone how to wear helmets correctly. The police officers also helped our employees put stickers on each electric bicycle. The upper "lighting tail bar" improves the visibility of the electric bicycle at night, thereby reducing night safety accidents. At the same time, Team Captain Chen also advocated that employees go back to convey this safety awareness to their family and friends, and protect their families and friends to return home safely.



 If you don’t wear a helmet, you don’t have safety. “One helmet and one belt” is always safe. All employees of the company thank Shengpu Traffic Police Squadron and Captain Chen for their wonderful explanations, which have strengthened the safety awareness of our employees.

 Let us start from now, from the side, and jointly create a more civilized, safe, smooth and harmonious travel!

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