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Biography --- Fulaike billiard master Ding Fangcheng




Biography --- Fulaike billiard master Ding Fangcheng

2018-12-19 09:52

    In addition to providing rich material rewards for excellent company welfare, spiritual non-material welfare is also an important supplement, which can make a company full of vitality and vigor. In order to enrich the work and life of the employees, Mr. Zhou Ruihua, general manager of Fulaike, specially equips the company employees with fitness equipment such as table tennis tables and pool tables, so that employees can exercise and relax after work. Among them, billiards in particular are the most loved by everyone, and many billiards masters have emerged. Today we will introduce our director Ding Fangcheng of Fulaike. It is no exaggeration to call him a master of billiards.

    Director Ding is of medium build and has a rigorous working style on his casual smiling face. He usually has strict requirements on employees and is considerate to employees in private. This is our Chief Fulaike Ding.



    Director Ding usually likes to play billiards and invite a few employees to play together. His fame at Fulaike is "one shot". As long as it is his turn to play, his opponent will have no chance. The company also organizes table tennis, billiards and other competitions for these enthusiasts on a regular basis. In the last billiards competition, Director Ding also achieved excellent results. Director Ding not only played well in billiards, but also continued his carefulness in his work. , The meticulous work spirit.



    Billiards is to cultivate the coordination of our heart, eyes, hands and body. Only by mastering the coordination can we play a better level in the game of billiards. There is nothing difficult in the world, I am afraid that people who are interested, are the same in work. We must have a rigorous work attitude, earnestly learn and master relevant skills, and pay attention to details. We will definitely be able to push our work management and technical level to a new level. .

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