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Winter "Fulaike Family Barbecue Party"




Winter "Fulaike Family Barbecue Party"

2018-12-04 09:44

    In order to relax employees after work, let everyone enjoy the fun and emotional communication of collective activities after busy work, increase the cohesion of Fulaike employees, and appreciate the strong winter day. On December 1, 2018, Fulaike Company held Held the "Fuleck Family Barbecue Party" event.



    The company made preparations for the barbecue family day in advance, set up a stage and sound. In order for the employees to eat well, the company’s ingredients are carefully selected. Fresh beef, tenderloin, steak, lamb, chicken, pomfret, hot dogs, various vegetables, snacks, fruits, snacks, beverages, etc., are selected one day in advance Fresh meat is marinated with barbecue seasoning and kept fresh.

    On December 1, 2018, the Fuli Barbecue Family Day event began. At 8:30 in the morning, the employees brought their families to the company on time. Everyone began to move tables, set up barbecue grills, move things, and scour ingredients in an orderly manner. .....everything's ready. Meat, here we are... Everyone can’t wait to stand in front of the oven and start roasting all kinds of ingredients. Suddenly with oily smoke rising from the oven, the air is suddenly filled with the tempting smell of barbecue. Then walk with that Feng'er and drift into the distance. The barbecue made noises, everyone brushed on their favorite seasonings, watched the barbecue slowly cooked, drop by drop of oil slowly slipped down, our sight and smell made us irritated, and we couldn't take a bite into it. The outside was burnt and the inside was tender and fresh. Salty, spicy..., while shouting hot and reluctantly vomiting while shouting delicious, everyone laughed.

    There were beautiful singing voices on the stage, and employees and their families came to the stage to sing for everyone, and the audience continued to applaud. Everyone was enthusiastic and unrestrained, making this barbecue family day exude laughter everywhere, and the entire Fulaike family members were submerged in a sea of ​​joy.



    This barbecue family day event not only allows everyone to enjoy a relaxed mood and close the distance between colleagues in the stressful work and busy work, but also unites the centripetal force of the Fulaike team, which is the same direction, concentricity, and peers. !

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