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Three-day Tour of Shengsiji Lake Beach




Three-day Tour of Shengsiji Lake Beach

2018-09-15 09:42

    In order to enrich the company’s cultural life, further enhance the team spirit, promote mutual understanding among various departments and colleagues, and enhance the sense of belonging and centripetal force of employees to the Fulaike family, the company’s annual tour will be opened on this September autumn day. As the prologue, from September 8th to September 10th, the company organized employees to go to Shengsiji Lake Beach for a 3-day trip.

    On the morning of the 8th, we took the tourist bus to the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway all the way east and crossed the 32.5-kilometer-long Donghai Bridge. After that, we boarded the ferry at the passenger terminal and arrived at Shengsi Lizhushan Wharf in about 1.5 hours. After arriving at the boutique hotel, we processed Good check-in, put your luggage. Started to enjoy the local special lunch. Everyone was enjoying the local seafood while eating. It may be the environment, the mood, the food, or the hungry. The people who usually eat two bites of rice have eaten a big meal while watching everyone eat it. Bowl, from time to time there is a waiter to add food and food, and the waiter to add food and food.


    Our first stop was Jihu Beach. After arriving at the beach, we couldn't wait to rush to the embrace of the sea, and shouted: "Ocean, I'm coming!" With the shouts, our fatigue along the way disappeared. The sea seemed to hear our shouts, she set off a huge wave and gave us a warm hug. The employees who like to swim put on the pre-prepared swimsuits, and ran to the swimming area like a child, while others stepped on the soft sandy beach with bare feet, enjoying the waves and kissing their feet, bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, and feel the purity The air and the warm sunshine, playing in the water, stepping on the waves, swimming, digging sand clams, sand crabs, let us find the simplest dream in the depths of the sea among the blue waves. Looking closer, the beach has become a colorful ocean. On the beach, men, women and children wearing bright swimsuits, some are digging shells on the side of the reef, some are running after the waves, and some are rolling with the waves, looking at the vast sea. , People can't help but think of Li Bai's poem, "There will be long winds and waves, and sail on the clouds to help the sea." After playing on the beach, we enjoyed a delicious and fresh seafood dinner at the cozy boutique hotel, which gave us endless aftertastes.

    I heard that we were going out to sea to fish the next day. Everyone was excited to get up early, eat breakfast, and happily came to the fishing boat of the boss of the boat. We boarded the boat one by one under the arrangement of the tour guide. After everyone was seated, the fishing boat Slowly sailing out of the pier, when the boat traveled for about 20 minutes, the fishing boat began to bump, and the seemingly calm sea seemed to be undercurrents. The ship swayed more and more, and sometimes it seemed difficult to even stand up, and some colleagues began to get seasick. Listening to the boss of the boat, this can only be regarded as the most basic wave that a fishing boat encounters when going out to fish. Usually the boat shakes even more when going out to fish! It turns out that the daily life of the fisherman is so hard. When we asked the boss of the boat, he just smiled and said, "It's a long time, and it doesn't matter if you get used to it." The plain tone is as simple as a life habit. After arriving at the fishing area, the boss of the boat cast his net, and after a while, he began to close the net, and the unique fishy and salty smell of seafood began to drift from the boat. When we looked down, we didn’t expect the net to be so rich! Seeing that tiger head fish, conch, crab, conger, etc. became our trophies and were collected into the bucket, we began to look forward to the abundant seafood. At the feast, the swirling seagulls also made a baby-like coquettish sound uncontrollably. So on the return journey, the seagulls around our ship flew around in the sky, and we cheered in the mighty sea breeze.

    On the third day, we visited the Dabei Mountain Scenic Area, the Mountain Peak Park, the beautiful scenery of the Shengsi Islands, the Shengsi Landscape Painting Exhibition Hall, visited the military fort site, Si Reef, Sister Beach, Mouse Mountain, etc., everyone took pictures. Looking at the endless sea, looking at the beautiful scenery, we reluctantly left. The next stop was the seafood market. Everyone bought a lot of fresh seafood and took them home to share with family and friends.

    This trip to Shengsiji Lake Beach not only relieved the staff’s usual work pressure and tension, but also increased the cohesion of the company’s employees. The general purpose of Fulaike’s weekly tour is that everyone relax, live well, eat well, and play well. The safety of employees is well controlled, which fully reflects the warmth of the Fulaike family and shows the feelings of Fulaike for employees. It also explains why so many veteran employees at Fulaike are willing to follow all their lives and move forward with Fulaike in the pace of excellence. I believe that through this trip, every member of Fulaike’s family will devote more energy and enthusiasm to work and contribute their strength to Fulaike!

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