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Feel free to enjoy life




Feel free to enjoy life

2018-03-30 09:36

Fulaike Company Barbecue


    In order to invigorate the company’s cultural atmosphere, enrich the staff’s spare time, and enjoy the fun of group activities outside of busy work, at 8:30 am on March 24, 2018, Fulaike held a barbecue activity on the banks of the beautiful Yangcheng Lake. Get the active participation of colleagues from various departments.

     Early in the morning, everyone came to Yangcheng Lake. In the sunny and picturesque Yangcheng Lake, everyone admired the beautiful scenery and breathed the refreshing air by the lake. All the colleagues were like birds flying out of the cage, laughing and playing, cheering and cheering.

    In order to do a good job at this event, we prepared barbecue food and spices in advance, and arrived at the site in advance to prepare the venue for the event. Everyone has a clear division of labor, some people have fires, some people skew food, cooperate with each other in tacit understanding, and are very busy! It took a lot of effort to count the stoves. Several people surrounded the stove with some fans, some blowing air, and some using newspapers to ignite them. It took a lot of effort to ignite the charcoal fire. Taking advantage of the strong charcoal fire, the barbecue officially kicked off.

     Everyone was sitting around the stove, one holding a skewers, smearing various condiments, talking and laughing, although the weather was a bit hot, and it was close to the stove, but from the bursts of laughter and busy figure What we felt was the happiness, harmony and beauty. After a short while, the scent filled the entire venue. The colleagues proudly showed off and compared with their masterpieces, and immediately gobbled them up. Some colleagues have unprofessional methods. The baked goods are cooked and cooked inside. As soon as they bite them, they find that they have been recruited...some people are more powerful, and the baked goods are very attractive, so everyone snatches them. Therefore, there are bursts of laughter from time to time by the lake. Some colleagues are more naughty. They eat from here to there, then go here to "steal" a little, and then go there to "take" a little, causing a burst of laughter. . Some with children set up kites, some lay in tents and listened to music and sang tunes, some went to the river to grab screws, and some garland heads, cheers and laughter continued, and the joy was harmonious, harmonious and happy. Everyone is enjoying the fun of barbecue.

     The good times are always in such a hurry. The activity comes to an end unconsciously. The organization of this barbecue activity not only relaxes the staff, but also gains health and happiness. More importantly, it enhances the feelings between the staff and increases The cohesion of the company and a happy mood can bring about efficient work. The relaxation of the body and mind makes everyone forget the usual stress and busyness of work. After relaxation, they will devote themselves to the work of the new week with enthusiasm and full of enthusiasm. It's spring, everyone is happy to be happy, let us work together to create a beautiful blueprint for Fulaike's tomorrow!













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