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Fulaike wheel hub bearing unit increases customer hole processing efficiency by 200%




Fulaike wheel hub bearing unit increases customer hole processing efficiency by 200%

2018-03-13 09:31

    The main function of the automobile hub is to bear the weight and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the hub. It bears both axial load and radial load, and is a very important component. The scope of use and usage of hub bearing units are increasing day by day, and it has now developed to the third generation. The third generation of hub bearing units adopts the bearing unit and the anti-lock brake system ABS . The hub unit is designed with an inner flange and an outer flange. The inner flange is bolted to the drive shaft, and the outer flange installs the entire bearing together. Nowadays, most auto parts processing manufacturers are exposed to the processing of each bolt hole on the flange, the process is different, and the efficiency varies greatly.



At the beginning of     2017 , a well-known automobile wheel bearing company produced a sharp increase in product orders. According to the current production capacity of parts processing technology, the order volume was far from being met. Afterwards, Fulaike Tools approached it and finally gave a mature plan.

Previous customer's tool processing technology: drilling D10.6 → hole chamfering (aperture +/-0.02 ). However, it is generally reported that the quality of the product is unstable, mainly concentrated in the drift of the aperture, the flanging burrs of the entrance chamfer, and the scratches on the surface of the parts by iron filings, which caused great confusion for customers.

The cutting tool technology provided by Fulaike: a D10.6*90 ° drill-down compound drill to eliminate the improvement problem.

The design, production, and coating of Fulaike tools were delivered to customers for trial within four days. Customers were quite satisfied with the trial results, consistent with accuracy and stable life. From the results of customer feedback, a drill is now in place, which greatly reduces the processing time. The efficiency is increased by 200% .



The drill technology designed by Fulaike achieves the following 5 points:

1. Aperture guarantee +/-0.02 tolerance

2. The chamfering surface is smooth, without knife lines and flanging burrs

3. The chip breaking effect is improved, and there is no iron filings to scratch the part surface

4. Extend the edge of the auxiliary groove to increase the number of grinding

5. Optimize the process beat, reduce cost and increase efficiency

Processing application data:

Work material: bearing steel HB210-270

Machine Tool: Machining Center

Tool holder information: powerful tool holder

Cooling: internal cooling

Aperture tolerance: +/-0.02

Position degree: 0.05

Speed: 2500

Feed: 600

Tool life used by customers before: 200~400 pieces

Fulaike tool life: 750 pieces of forced tool change, stable regrind and reuse

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