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Dream set sail, go hand in hand




Dream set sail, go hand in hand

2018-02-12 09:30

2017 Fulaike Year-end Party Activity Report


    The golden rooster repays the dawn and resigns, and Ruigou brings good luck to the spring! On February 3, 2018 , Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. held a year-end party at the "Guohe Holiday Hotel" to thank all Fulaike employees for their hard work over the past year .

    First of all, the general manager of the company, Mr. Zhou Ruihua, delivered an opening speech. In 2017 , Fulaike’s performance continued to grow, the market area continued to expand, and the industry’s influence continued to deepen. At the same time, a group of outstanding employees and role models emerged around us. Diligent and diligent in his work position, he played a role as a benchmark and role model. Under the atmosphere of warm applause, the company’s leaders awarded the "2017 Fulaike Outstanding Employee" award, "8-year loyal employee" award, and encouraged the winning employees to guard against arrogance. Avoid irritability, play an exemplary role in the new year, and make new contributions.

    The year-end dinner program was dizzying. Beautiful female solo singing, elegant male solo singing, enthusiastic dance, witty little games and other programs are colorful and exciting. There is also a lottery interspersed in the middle. With four equal prices: 15 (600 yuan/person), third class Prize: 10 (1,000 yuan/person), second prize: 8 (2,000 yuan/person), first prize: 2 (3,000 yuan/person), special prize: 1 (4,000 yuan/person) and week There are always special prizes: 3 (5000 yuan/person), special special prize: 1 (8000 yuan) draw, constantly setting off the climax of the annual meeting.

    The party not only brought joy and laughter to everyone, but also brought closer relations between departments and colleagues. The management of the company interacted closely with the employees, singing, applause, and cheers have been rippling at the party, presenting the joy and harmony of Fulaike’s big family.

    The glorious 2017 has passed, and the 2018 full of hopes and challenges is quietly coming. In the past year, we have smiled, struggled, and harvested. Facing 2018, we are full of longing and passion. Let us at Fulaike roll up our sleeves and work hard to create a bright future for Fulaike.

In 2018, we will not forget our original intention and live up to our expectations. We will move forward with our dreams and create the future together!


The host’s wonderful opening speech kicked off the thank you dinner!



Mr. Zhou's family and employees gathered together and enjoyed it.


Mr. Zhang's "Glory Years" sang the affectionate and heroic of a man.


Ms. Yang is deeply devoted to singing "Love Song 1990 ".


The company uses generous prizes to thank the hard-working employees.


A bright smile appeared on the faces of the winning employees.


In 2017 , a group of outstanding employees emerged in the company, thank them for their hard work.


       For eight years as a day, they practiced the complete connotation of "returning with courage and honour". Loyalty is the most essential element in their lives, and dedication is their value beacon to realize their ideals in life.

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