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2017 Fulaike Dragon Tiger Mountain Tour




2017 Fulaike Dragon Tiger Mountain Tour

2017-08-17 09:13

   On August 11, 2017, all employees of Suzhou Fleck Precision Tools Co., Ltd. went to Longhu Mountain, Jiangxi for a three-day tour. The employees arrived at the company on time at 5:00 in the morning. After an orderly count of the number of people, the coach drove on time at 5:30 and went to the high-speed rail. Standing by the high-speed rail to Yingtan, at the high-speed rail station, everyone followed the instructions and boarded the high-speed rail one by one.

   Longhushan is Zhengyi and is closely related to Zhang Daoling, the founder of the Chinese Taoist organization. Zhang Daoling was originally called Zhang Ling. Pei Guofeng is a native of Fengxian County, Jiangsu Province in the Eastern Han Dynasty. "The Family of the Heavenly Master of the Han Dynasty" records that Zhang Daoling spent his entire life running around in order to learn Dao and create education. He once lived in seclusion and practiced in Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan and other famous mountains and rivers. In the first year of Emperor Yongyuan of Han and Emperor Yongyuan, he and his disciple Wang Chang went from Huai to Poyang...returned to Yunjin Mountain, refined the nine-day god pill, and became the dragon and tiger. This is why the mountain is named Longhu Mountain. Longhu Mountain has "three uniques". "One "Tianshi Mansion" two "Bishui Danshan" three "cliff tomb".

   We arrived at Yingtan around 11:30 and tasted the local delicacies. After lunch, we started the first day to visit Tianshi’s Mansion, Shangqing Ancient Town, and Wu Mosquito Village. We took a small sightseeing train to the Tianshi’s Mansion. There is a mirror in front of the Tianshi’s mansion, a leaning back at the back, a dragon on the left, and a dragon on the right. Juhu (backed by Huashan Mountain, facing Pipa Peak, near Luxi River at the gate) everyone was amazed. There are local specialty stalls and snacks in Shangqing Ancient Town. Wu Mosquito Village is also on the Luxi River, the same mountains, the same water, the same grass, the same trees, and there are mosquitoes in other places. Why are there no mosquitoes here alone? The local tour guide explained: Once, the first generation celestial master Zhang Daoling and his mother returned to the celestial master's residence late from the Douzi Palace, and they stayed overnight in Xujiacun on the opposite bank of the Douzi Palace. Unexpectedly, when the evening arrived, the mosquito noise was thundering, and the disturbing mother Zhang was restless. Zhang Tianshi was a filial son. He immediately picked up the fan, muttered something in his mouth, and waved his hand. The mosquitoes were all gone, and he would never dare to fly into Xujiacun, which is now the mosquito-free village. Of course, this is a legend and scientific explanation. The mosquito-free village is built on a hillside, living by the water, ferrying out, and every household has a boat. Since ancient times, the village is full of ancient camphor trees, eucalyptus, elms, and caves. There are hundreds of bats, so there are no mosquitoes here.

  On the second day, bamboo rafting and sightseeing, Zhengyiguan, Elephant Trunk Hill..., everyone took the bamboo raft and put on life jackets in order. Longhushan is a typical Danxia landform. The mountains are mostly smooth and have no edges and corners. The mountain peaks, like the creatures that spread out from the Luxi River, monks and nuns, lotus flowers, Taoist temples, Jinyun, spoon stones, drum stones, sword trials, jade combs, shame girls... seem to stand on both sides of the strait to welcome the arrival of our Fleck employees.



  After having lunch on August 13, 2017, we reluctantly left Longhu Mountain and got on the bus back to Suzhou. What made me feel the most during this tour was the "warmth" and "the strength of the team". Although everyone was tired, we still helped take care of it. Colleagues hold children, carry bags, buy water, etc. With the development of the company, the intensive and condensed corporate culture, and the gradual standardization and improvement of the management model, Fleck’s personalized management has been fully embodied. This tour enhances the company’s entire organization. The cohesion and friendship between the two are the starting point, so that everyone can feel and let their thoughts go. This event not only relieves the staff's usual work pressure and tension, but also strengthens the cohesion of the team to help each other.

                                                       (Photo/Text Jiang Ying)

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