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The golden rooster presents auspiciousness




The golden rooster presents auspiciousness

2017-01-18 08:54

Fulaike 2016 End-of-Year Dinner

    On the evening of January 16, 2017, the company launched a festive, jubilant, hilarious, and beautiful tail-tooth dinner at the "Guohe Holiday" hotel, with prosperous New Year gift packages and surprise red envelope draws, There are also funny interactive games and exciting singing. Although the cold wind is blowing outside, they can't stop the fiery carnival of the party.

    The big red stage and beautiful lights set off the festive atmosphere of the dinner party. At the beginning of the dinner, the general manager Mr. Zhou Ruihua came to the stage to give a speech, summarizing the company’s development and achievements in 2016, thanking all employees for their hard work for a year, and placing good wishes for the company’s future, asking the Fleck people to despise challenges strategically Tactically, we must attach importance to challenges, and challenges and opportunities coexist. We hope that all employees will join us to develop Fleck’s business with their wisdom and talents, and let us make strides forward amidst challenges. In 2017, we will make persistent efforts, set sail and make progress together.

    The dinner singing was frequent and there was endless applause. A song by Li Yugang "The New Drunken Concubine" brought the whole atmosphere to a climax. The interesting game session made everyone laugh, and there was an exciting lottery draw. Everyone had a great time. The whole dinner scene was filled with joy.

    Exciting lottery, when employees, leaders and guests from various departments come to the stage to draw 10 fourth prizes 500 yuan/person, 6 third prizes 1,000 yuan/person, second prize 4 2,000 yuan/person, first prize Two 3,000 yuan/person, and one special prize 4,000 yuan/person. Each colleague worked hard and stared at the lottery box. Amid the applause of the audience, various awards were drawn out and presented one after another. The general manager of the intermediate link added 2 special prizes of 5,000 yuan per person, which ignited the cheering craze of the whole scene, and the party was happy everywhere.

    The year-end dinner party also commended and awarded "advanced individuals", "advanced departments", "advanced teams" and "advanced supervisors." Recognize colleagues for their hard work in 2016, and at the same time inspire other colleagues to work harder in the new year of 2017, and contribute to Fleck's grand blueprint.

    The glorious 2016 has passed, and the 2017 full of hopes and challenges is quietly coming. In the past year, we smiled, sad, lost, and gained. In the face of 2017, we are full of longing and passion. A better future is waiting for us to develop, and a larger market is waiting for us to conquer, a more spectacular wealth Lake is waiting for us to show off our wisdom and talents. Let us use confidence and courage to write a brighter future together with our confidence and courage. Fleck's year-end dinner party has come to a successful conclusion! I wish you all a Happy New Year! Happy family!


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