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"Unlimited Love-Shengpu Charity Carnival"




"Unlimited Love-Shengpu Charity Carnival"

2017-01-11 08:47

On the morning of January 7, 2017, the launching ceremony of "Unlimited Love-Shengpu Charity Carnival" was successfully held in Binjiangyuan Community, Shengpu Street. Although the winter rain was hazy, it could not stop everyone's enthusiasm for participating in the event. I represent Fulaike As a caring company, I was fortunate to witness the wonderful scene of the event and share with you:

"Love Unlimited-Katsuura Charity Carnival" event consists of four series of activities: Love "Stage" Charity Carnival, Love "Bazaar" Charity Experience, Love "Sharing" Charity Forum and Love "Publicity" Service Community Line, face to face Promote and display the progress of Shengpu Street's first micro philanthropy investment project and the effectiveness of social organizations' participation in community governance to residents, and at the same time launch the second Shengpu Street micro philanthropy project at the event site, continue to support social forces to serve community residents and participate in the community Public welfare.

Through the activities, we learned that Shengpu has many outstanding public welfare projects, such as the Nuan Xin Kang Paradise in the park community, which is an exchange platform established by a group of cancer patients. Through a series of activities such as expert lectures, free consultations, and selection of rehabilitation stars, everyone Integrating into the big family of Nuanxinkang Paradise, fighting diseases together and cheering together is very conducive to the recovery of the illness; there is also the young talent parent-child family service center in Xinsheng Community, which is child-oriented, from parent-child reading, parent-child development, parent-child Starting from enlightenment and other aspects, focusing on children and parent-child services, so that children in the community can enjoy care.There are many such charity projects. On the day of the event, the speech of He Shemei, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Shengpu Street, was still in my ears. She announced the launch of the second Micro Charity Venture Capital and continued to invest 800,000 funds to encourage and support social organizations and related societies. Service practitioners have also commended excellent project organizations for 16 years. As a native Katsuura citizen, I am very happy to hear such news. Everyone is living in such a peaceful era. The government cares for our people in such a way, and I feel happy. Raw.

At the end of the event, everyone also visited the public welfare market. Each community launched a dazzling array of public welfare activities, such as free distribution of children’s books, free collection of spring festival couplets written on site, blood pressure measurement, haircuts, various consulting services, etc., and our company is one of the few. One of the few caring companies, I feel deeply proud of walking in the market. Our boss not only has the feelings of a century-old store, but also does not forget to give back to the society and care for the disadvantaged under the premise of making the company bigger and bigger. Group, this spirit is very valuable, it embodies the compassion of an entrepreneur, and it feels very warm to work in such a corporate culture. At the same time, as an individual,I also learned that I should be grateful, motivated, and full of positive energy. In the future, I have the opportunity to join the company to participate in charity activities, so that charity is zero distance, love is by your side, and I hope everyone can encourage!

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