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2016 Xiangshan Tourism




2016 Xiangshan Tourism

2016-09-27 08:43

On September 23, 2016, Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. organized a 3-day tour of Xiangshan for all the employees of the company. The employees came to the company early in the morning with a happy mood. Today is a sunny day, just like our mood. Travel The car also arrived at the company on time, and everyone was chatting about their favorite topics along the way. The tour guide also showed everyone a show, and some employees made everyone laugh at the jokes.

The tourist bus came to the first stop "Songlan Mountain Beach". Everyone was enjoying the sun and the beach. Some employees put on swimsuits to swim and fight in the sea, some were enjoying the sun and beach with the sea breeze on the beach, and some were speedboats. The excitement of the speedboat in the sea, some walked on the soft sand, the moment the waves receded, you could see conch, shells, small rocks, etc. Some colleagues picked up conch, shells, small rocks at the beach, and some employees picked up beautiful screws Happy as if picking up a diamond.


On the second day of Shipu Fishing Port, I felt the life of fishermen. When we came to the fishing port and opened the car door, we felt the fishy smell we had never smelled before. Some employees were a little uncomfortable, but the seafood that came up during dinner was said to be delicious. We no longer hate to reject the taste here, but prefer the joy of life of fishermen here.

In the afternoon at the Studio City, everyone felt the scenes in the TV series and the different buildings, and some employees found the stars directly in the Studio City.

On the third day of rafting, everyone changed into the rafting clothes, put on safety helmets and life jackets, and started the exciting rafting, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with nine bends, clouds and mist, drifting straight down, and some even bought water guns. There was a water war, and some people couldn't splash them directly with their helmets, and they all forgot that they were no longer children.

At around 14:30 in the afternoon, we got on the bus and left Xiangshan reluctantly. This event has no barriers for everyone. Usually new employees do not know much about everyone. Through this collective event, everyone’s feelings have been promoted. The Lake team is a harmonious and passionate team, open-minded and open-minded, and individual strength is small, but dripping water can become a sea. I think as long as each of us devotes his own energy to the team, Fulaike’s tomorrow will be more exciting .


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