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The new field of cast iron drilling




The new field of cast iron drilling

2016-04-01 19:31

Fulaike introduced the auxiliary sipe drill bit suitable for cast iron processing, which further improves the processing life of the drill bit, which is beneficial to the cost reduction of the enterprise. FULAIKE drill bit adopts multi-slot design and wiper design. It is currently widely used in the drilling cast iron industry, showing very excellent performance, which is reflected in the following characteristics:

1. More cooling:

  This drill is completely different from the conventional geometry. It adopts a multi-slot design, which improves the cooling more fully without affecting the rigidity of the tool to increase the life of the tool.

2. Cutting is more stable:

  Traditional drills are designed with a single-edged belt. This drill uses a double-edged belt design, which greatly improves the cutting stability. The double-edged design effectively produces a great support for the drill bit and ensures better cutting stability. As we all know, the sharper the cutting edge of the tool, the sharper the angle of the tool. However, if the cutting is unstable, the cutting edge of the tool must be chipped. Now Fulaike's double-edged belt design improves the cutting stability, greatly improves the sharpness of the tool and effectively prevents the tool from chipping to increase the life of the tool.

3. Higher hole accuracy

  The surface of the machined hole of the double-edged belt design produces a reaming-like effect. Let the surface quality of the hole have another improvement, not only the surface quality is improved, the verticality of the hole has been improved to a level in drilling.

Fulaike our company continue to forge ahead, and constantly go beyond the corporate culture to lead all employees through hard work, discipline, work details guidelines to practice line people-oriented, mutual benefit, customer first, quality first service concept.

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