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2015 year-end end-tooth event




2015 year-end end-tooth event

2016-01-28 19:30

The pace of time has quietly entered a hopeful 2016. The glorious 2015 has passed. On January 16th, the "Fuleck 2015 Year-end Dinner" was grandly held in the "Seafood City" in the warm spring day.

     At 11:28 at noon , the curtain of the last banquet was slowly opened. First, the general manager of the company, Mr. Zhou Ruihua, delivered a 2016 New Year's speech. Mr. Zhou took "Innovative Fulaike and Join Hands to Win the Future" as the theme, which was formal but witty The language reviewed the ups and downs of Fulaike’s journey, summarized the achievements of the work in the past year in 2015, and analyzed the opportunities and challenges that Fulaike faced under the "new normal" of economic development. Zhou Zong’s wonderful speech won the audience. Applause, Mr. Zhou's wonderful speech inspired every heart of Fulaike's employees. The employees are passionate and look forward to a better tomorrow. In the midst of applause, Zhou always invites everyone to raise their glasses together to toast to the Year of the Monkey, which officially opened the wonderful tail tooth feast!

   Fulaike's lottery this year is also a lot of awards, with 1 special prize (4000 yuan/person), 2 first prizes (3000 yuan/person), 4 second prizes (2000 yuan/person), and 6 third prizes (1000 yuan/person). RMB/person), 11 people for the fourth prize (500 RMB/person), and 150 yuan/person for all consolation prizes who did not get the prize. The lottery process makes every employee's blood boil.

The delicacies on the table are wonderful, and the banquet hall is full of joy, driven by the wonderful hula dance of the male compatriots.

    The affectionate singing voices, youth dances, intellectual games, spoof stage shows brought by Fulaike employees, .... the best shows, fine wines and delicacies, and progressive emotions brought together a splendid new year drama, which aroused applause and cheers on the spot. Sounds and screams continued.

Set sail in 2016 , Fulaike people will continue to forge ahead, pioneer and innovate, and write a new chapter together!

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