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2015 year-end summary conference and advanced selection




2015 year-end summary conference and advanced selection

2016-01-28 19:14

On December 31 , 2015, Fulaike Company held its annual year-end summary meeting and advanced selection activities, which comprehensively summarized the work achievements and deficiencies of Fulaike Company in 2015, and deployed the 2016 development plan. The general manager Zhou Ruihua and all Fulaike employees attended the meeting.
  Mr. Zhou Ruihua, general manager of Fulaike, first made a report on "2015 Work Summary and 2016 Work Deployment". He said that in the context of the domestic economic downturn in 2015, Fulaike highlighted the industry's advantages, achieved rapid development, and basically completed the annual plan. For sales, production, quality and other indicators, in 2016 , Fulaike will continue to increase innovation, expand domestic and international markets in various ways, improve technological innovation and the core competitiveness of the company, improve the quality of service to customers, and plan for the future Lay a solid foundation. In response, Mr. Zhou put forward the following requirements:

① It is necessary to continuously develop new markets and new products to increase Fulaike's market share.

②We must make product advantages our market advantage, make it a new selling point, and increase the intensity and breadth of market promotion.

③Keep quality control, quality is the company's lifeline, and provide customers with high-quality products.

④The company is people-oriented, providing employees with a good development and promotion platform, doing well in employee training, assessment, and promotion, so that each of Fulaike's employees can grow up happily at Fulaike and become an indispensable talent in the industry.

       Subsequently, the heads of various departments issued the "2015 review plan of each department in 2016" in an orderly manner , and the employee representatives also spoke on behalf of everyone.

Next is the anonymous voting and election of all Fulaike employees. This election conference gave the affirmation of advanced individuals, advanced departments, advanced teams, and advanced supervisors. The gold will always shine, and there will be rewards for paying. Fulaike prepares a fair and just development stage for every talented and motivated employee.

Through this year-end meeting, Fulaike employees are more passionate and motivated for the work of the new year in 2016.

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