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2014 "Fulaike" Dragon Boat Race




2014 "Fulaike" Dragon Boat Race

2016-01-12 19:08

    In two days, the traditional Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Eating zongzi and rowing dragon boats are traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. Today, the annual Suzhou Mercury Dragon Boat Race kicked off on the shores of the beautiful Taihu Lake. Our company once again signed up for this race as in previous years. In the
    morning, all corporate teams came to the "Mercury Yacht Club" early in the morning . The team debuted after the introduction of the host. Ten athletes from our company came to the game with full confidence. Everyone was ready for the battle, and the beautiful cheerleaders were also in place to cheer for the Fulaike Dragon Boat Team.
    Before the game, the dragon boat team captain gave everyone a serious explanation of the precautions for the game and cheered everyone on. After the organizer held the finishing ceremony, the dragon boats lined up neatly, ready to go. Our team members made all the preparations, staring at the front vigorously, waiting for the sound of the order. With the sound of the launching order, dragon boats competed on Taihu Lake. The dragon boat in the lake was as brilliant as a brocade, and the team members waved their oars vigorously. The dragon boat, which went head-to-head when they first set off, gradually moved away in a short while. Splashing waves, flying team flags, speeding dragon boats, deafening gongs and drums, shouts, and the cheering of the people on the shore combined into a happy symphony of dragon boat racing. Fulaike’s players are like tigers, full of fighting spirit. The players are holding wooden paddles and rowing fast. The drummers are also holding drum sticks, and they beat the red drum vigorously and quickly. The red drum was beaten "boom". "Boom." The team members rowed quickly with the sound of drums. The Fulaike’s dragon boat chopped through the waves with shouts and cheers, and galloped towards the finish line. After a fierce competition, our team was led by the corporate culture of "Continuously enterprising and constantly surpassing" The next has achieved an impressive record.
    Every year, Fulaike Company uses the Dragon Boat Festival theme activity of dragon boat racing to greet the arrival of China's traditional Dragon Boat Festival, which embodies the company's striving spirit of "Raising water bravely and striving for the first". Fulaike will definitely be inspired by this spirit. Next, create greater glories!

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