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Technical exchange summary




Technical exchange summary

2016-01-12 19:06

  On June 4, 2015, our company and a large foreign company held an exchange meeting with the theme of "enhancing friendship, exchanging experience, and sharing skills" in Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. The president of the Asia-Pacific region brought their professional technical team to participate. For this exchange meeting.
  This exchange event was divided into two parts. First, we visited the production workshop accompanied by Mr. Zhou and our senior technicians. The president of the Asia-Pacific region praised the quality of our operators, the spirit of excellence, and the superb skills all the way.
  Mr. Zhou of Fulaike introduced our existing machinery and equipment to the president of the Asia-Pacific region. The president team of the Asia-Pacific region was very interested and studied carefully around the machine tool. Later, Mr. Zhou introduced our advanced testing equipment and production process. The president and team of the Asia-Pacific region asked us questions from Mr. Zhou and technicians, and Mr. Zhou and technicians answered them one by one.
  After visiting the factory, everyone came to the conference room to further discuss, communicate and communicate. Everyone is very passionate and the discussion is intense. The discussion and laughter are endless, the atmosphere is harmonious and harmonious, and the learning atmosphere is very strong. The president of the Asia-Pacific region said: "Flyk can combine our products and adopt foreign new concepts and new technologies for independent innovation and research and development, which not only helps us save costs, but also increases the service life of our tools." This is a testament to Fu Lake's corporate culture is "Continuously enterprising and constantly surpassing".
   The exchange meeting ended in a harmonious and harmonious atmosphere. This exchange meeting enhanced mutual trust and friendship, and the affirmation of Fulaike's knife-making technology went to a higher level.

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