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Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "2011-2013 Civilized Unit"




Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "2011-2013 Civilized Unit"

2016-01-12 19:03

In March of Yangchun, the Suzhou Industrial Park Working Committee of the Communist Party of China announced the "2011-2013 Civilized Units" list. Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. was on the list. This is an important milestone in the creation of our company's spiritual civilization.

      Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. pays great attention to the establishment of a foundation for the establishment of a civilized unit in the long construction journey of striving to create a "civilized unit" to ensure that the roots of "civilized creation" penetrate into every department and every employee of the company. Create a long-term development plan, strong organizational guarantee, diversified resource input, specific work measures, clear work priorities, rich creation activities, a good public opinion environment, working environment, and development environment, complete file creation, and characteristics To create an atmosphere.


      Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the construction of spiritual civilization, and always adheres to the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thinking of the "Three Represents", and the scientific development concept, and thoroughly studies and implements the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the 3rd Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, and the Fourth The spirit of the important speech series of the Central Plenary Session and General Secretary Xi Jinping actively cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism, with "ruling the enterprise in accordance with the law, managing the enterprise scientifically, ethically, and advancing together with people and enterprises" as the development keynote, and adhere to the "people-oriented, pragmatic" The concept of "Innovation and Contribution to Society", centering on the purpose of "Four Services", serving the center, integrating into the overall situation, putting people first, planning and coordinating, and actively serving local economic development and urban and rural construction.
      Establishing a civilized unit has always been an important work and goal of my Suzhou Fulaike Precision Co., Ltd.'s spiritual civilization construction. It is an effective way to promote material civilization, political civilization, and spiritual civilization to all employees. It is also an effective way to strengthen and improve employees' ideological and political education Level of important basic work.
      In recent years, the company has successively formulated and improved relevant systems and regulations for "civilization construction". Establish an incentive mechanism that combines democratic and scientific evaluation and appraisal, economic stimulus and administrative intervention, and selection, evaluation, and incentive wages. Comprehensive, scientific, complete, specific and pragmatic work attitudes and requirements, "point to face" fully drive the enthusiasm and initiative of the company's departments, teams, and employees. Continuously consolidate the normalized evaluation foundation of advanced civilization departments, advanced civilization department directors, advanced civilization teams, advanced civilization individuals, etc., and establish a normalized mechanism for pioneering and striving for excellence, for the healthy, upward, and stable development of the enterprise and the continuous construction of a good spiritual civilization Steady progress has injected fresh blood and vitality.

      The company has continuously enriched professional knowledge, continuously improved work skills, and laid a solid foundation for "lifelong learning" by opening training classes on corporate management, legal knowledge, and ISO9001 quality management system. The company organizes Lei Feng activities, organizes all employees to go to the revolutionary holy land, cherishes the memory of revolutionary martyrs, and accepts revolutionary traditional education. Actively organize employees to participate in the company's collective activities, have participated in the annual Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Race, and actively undertake the historical mission of promoting traditional Chinese culture. Organizing basketball, table tennis, badminton, tug-of-war and other companies' social games, etc., fully reflected our "Fulack" enterprise spirit of continuous improvement and continuous surpassing in the competition. While vigorously promoting the establishment of the company's corporate culture, it also further enriches the company's spiritual civilization and promotes the company's all aspects to go hand in hand and develop harmoniously.


      The majority of employees of Suzhou Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. believe that the "2011-2013 Civilized Unit" has finally come true this time, which encourages the company to continue to promote the construction of spiritual civilization, and is also a stage for the company to vigorously promote the construction of spiritual civilization in recent years Sexual affirmation. In summary, this is inseparable from the following points.
  1. In recent years, under the correct leadership of the government, we have consolidated and in-depth study and practice of the scientific outlook on development, and we have always adhered to the work style of "pragmatic, efficient, diligent, and clean".
  2. Under the correct leadership of the senior management of Kilometer, all the company arranges, inspects, implements, and summarizes the creation of a civilized unit with the daily work, and takes "loyalty, responsibility, rigor, dedication, innovation, and enterprising" as the work. Belief, formation of upper and lower linkages, departmental cooperation, and cadres and employees work together to build a good corporate culture, which has laid a solid foundation for the successful declaration of civilized units.
  3. "Fulack" employees are united, dedicated, honest and self-disciplined, pragmatic and innovative, and work hard. They are the backbone of the declared civilized unit and the backbone of the continuous construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization.
      The successful application of civilized units this time will surely urge and urge us, Fulaike Precision Tools Co., Ltd. to further consolidate basic work construction, solidly develop various civilization creation measures, and create a good atmosphere for civilization creation, with new, higher and more advanced Requirement as the standard, formulate a scientific and proper spiritual civilization construction plan, work hard and implement it vigorously. Promote the continuous and organic implementation of civilization creation, and make positive contributions to the construction of a harmonious society, harmonious Suzhou, and harmonious Shengpu.

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