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The company held the 2014 annual work summary meeting and advanced selection




The company held the 2014 annual work summary meeting and advanced selection

2015-03-13 19:00

On the afternoon of December 31, 2014, the company held the 2014 annual work summary meeting and the selection of advanced figures and advanced collectives in the large conference room on the second floor. The meeting was presided over by General Manager Zhou. All department directors and all employees of the company participated in this meeting. Conference.
      The theme of the conference is "Looking back on 2014 and looking forward to 2015". While summarizing, reviewing and analyzing the work completed in 2014, it is the purpose of this conference to boldly look forward to the strategy and plan for 2015.
      Mr. Zhou said at the meeting: The company ended perfectly in 2014 and exceeded the targets set in 2014, and the growth of turnover formed a new breakthrough. All employees of the company face up to difficulties, overcome the difficulties together, and all departments cooperate closely and cooperate in unity. The completion of the set goals for 2014 is due to the “standardized management, excellence; solidarity, revenue and expenditure; loyalty to duties, due diligence.” Scientific decision-making and planning, Mr. Zhou affirmed the 2014 work results, and asked everyone In the new year, we will give full play to the company's role as a platform, earnestly implement the scientific decision-making of company management, follow the established process passed by the company meeting through the company meeting, and strictly adhere to the quality policy of "survive by quality and develop by product". Keep making progress and constantly surpass. Meet the challenges of the new year with a more mature attitude.
      With the changes in the overall environment in 2015, market competition has become increasingly fierce and external shocks continue. In response to such an environment, Mr. Zhou proposed that in 2015 the company started with details, proceeded from reality, and carried forward a pragmatic spirit. The company fully provides a strategic platform and resources to ensure the scientific operation of the company's various departments, to ensure that each department improves efficiency, proactively improve work quality, and reduce costs. The following is Mr. Zhou's detailed explanation of the 2015 plan:
1. Be brave to innovate, carry forward the spirit of independence, take the initiative to absorb innovative new technologies, and strictly control details.
2. Enhance project capabilities and standardize production drawings. Before 2014, all manufacturing drawings can be standardized before they can be put into the workshop. All technical parameters must be recorded and sorted out without omissions.
3. The actual CNC production time is an improvement over 14 years to ensure the completion of the 7-hour production time goal. Pursue details, stabilize quality, and observe discipline.
Fourth, for quality, we must strictly control the quality, so that every tool has a good idea, zero customer complaints about the tool size, strict control of details, and record comparison.
5. Standardize the system, supervise the implementation of relevant regulations, establish a healthy and progressive corporate culture, control the timeliness of contract execution, and timeliness of payment after invoice issuance.
      Subsequently, Jiang Feng, the director of the production department, also delivered his speech on the 2015 plan. The production department has set a solid strategy for the next year's production plan, starting from the micro level, strictly adhering to quality management and quality control. It also deploys specific production links and production details in the coming year, grasps the expectation and controllability of production, and puts forward requirements and specific assessment methods for the technology and quality of production employees.

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