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Lanterns and festivities welcome Ruima, full of vigor and brilliance




Lanterns and festivities welcome Ruima, full of vigor and brilliance

2014-02-27 18:58

Suzhou Fulaike 2013 year-end banquet dinner held
   get off the ground cause Chan, Yong swagger forward! Time flies. The year 2013 we have embraced with open arms is about to pass. In this day of resigning from the old and welcoming the new, the happiest one should be the employees of Fulaike, because the annual end-tooth celebration is about to be held. Everyone can gather together, forget the hard work of work, and drink with joy and harvest.
   On January 25, 2014, with the eager anticipation of all employees, Fulaike’s 2013 End Tooth celebration kicked off with the general manager Mr. Zhou Ruihua’s gratitude to his family, family and friends, and to all employees and a wonderful speech. Fine wine and delicacies, singing and dancing. Everyone’s face was filled with happy and contented smiles, and there was a joyous and peaceful scene at the banquet. During the banquet, everyone tasted the food and appreciated the wonderful programs prepared by various departments of the company for the banquet. Exciting games, loud singing voices of employees, passionate dances, exciting lottery draws and other activities pushed the atmosphere of the banquet to a climax. In the middle of the banquet, the company always raised the wine glass in his hand to toast to the employees. Thank the employees for their The company’s love and dedication, and at the same time the best wishes for the new year to everyone.
   The meaning of the end banquet is not just a "New Year's Eve dinner", it also strengthens the communication between colleagues in various departments, boosts morale, and conveys confidence... It is also a "cultural feast" for the company. . At the same time, let employees deeply feel the warmth of the Fulaike family.
2014 is a new starting point. With the improvement of management in all aspects of the company, this year will enter a period of rapid development, "passionate leap, win-win future", we Full of confidence, Fulaike will have a better tomorrow!

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