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My country's cemented carbide tools in low-end products accelerate industry decentralization




My country's cemented carbide tools in low-end products accelerate industry decentralization

2016-06-12 18:11
    China's cemented carbide tool market is rare, and it can truly be called a "global" market. Not to mention the small reputation in the industry, Suzhou tool companies with a certain scale have all set up offices or found in China Agents sell, and even small German companies with only 20 to 30 employees sell their Suzhou knives to China. Suzhou knives from Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries can be seen everywhere in the market.
    "The industry concentration of China's cemented carbide tool market is not very high. This is mainly because the threshold of the Suzhou alloy tool industry itself is not high. Many small companies set up a few lathes to start production, and when the entire industry is booming , The supply of products in the middle and low-end markets was once in short supply, which objectively accelerated the decentralization of the industry."
    According to reports, the situation in the industry has changed this year, and many low-end and medium-end enterprises have had a difficult time. But overall, Suzhou alloy tools are consumables. Even if no new machine tools are put into the production line, new Suzhou alloy tools are needed . Old machine tools also need Suzhou tool products.The biggest feature of this year is the consumption of inventory in a large area.
    China's Suzhou tool industry continues to grow at a high speed. Behind the rapid development, companies also clearly realize that the high growth rate of the domestic tool industry is not high in gold content. A considerable number of companies are at the expense of the environment and are based on cheap labor. Inferior products get huge profits.
    In recent years, the technological development of many high-end manufacturing fields in China has brought new requirements to Suzhou alloy cutting tools . For example, automobile cutting tools must have the characteristics of high efficiency, high stability and specialization. With the continuous development of the automobile industry, new The requirements of the aerospace industry came into being. From a technical point of view, there are mainly heavy-duty, composite, specialization, standardization, high-speed and variety diversification trends. In the field of aerospace manufacturing, with the difficult processing of titanium alloys, high-temperature alloys, etc. The wide application of materials, how to choose correctly, and the reasonable use of Suzhou alloy tools for high-efficiency and high-quality cutting have become a very important industry topic.

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