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China has become the world's most potential market, Suzhou knives have entered a growth period




China has become the world's most potential market, Suzhou knives have entered a growth period

2016-06-04 18:01
The rapid growth of the global tool market, China and the United States are competing for competitiveness. Global general machinery, automobiles, aerospace, energy, medical, rail transit, mold machine tools and other industries are inseparable from tool equipment. From the perspective of future development trends, the Suzhou tool market will be in the next 5 years The annual growth rate is expected to be 3% to 5%. At this growth rate, we are still firmly ranked first in the world. Data shows that the total production of domestic Suzhou knives in China in 2010 was 29 billion yuan. In addition to supplying the domestic market, exporting knives 7 billion yuan. In the same year, China's total sales of imported Suzhou knives and domestic Suzhou knives reached 33 billion yuan, ranking first in the world. China's Suzhou knives increased by 40% in 2010, and the growth in the first three quarters exceeded 50%. In 2010, the domestic sales of foreign tool companies also increased very well. There is no development without market demand. With market demand, this is our biggest advantage. In 2011, the domestic tool market still maintained rapid growth and is expected to create new Statistics show that the domestic tool market has achieved a growth of 25% to 30% in the first half of the year alone. Although the growth rate has declined since July, it can still achieve a growth of 15% throughout the year. In other words, the international Suzhou tool market has maintained a stable recovery in recent years, but the average annual growth rate is conservatively estimated to be only about 3% to 5%, and the domestic market will gradually maintain an annual average after experiencing rapid growth in the past year. The growth rate is 10% to 15%. Therefore, the domestic tool market capacity growth rate will be more than three times faster than that of the international market. From the domestic supply of Suzhou tools, inlaid alloy forming tools occupy the mainstream position, reaching 65%. These years we It has also made an excellent company like Zhuzhuan, plus the original four major tool factories, etc., there are about 10 backbone companies, all of which have entered the modern tool industry from traditional tools, and they have developed better year by year. It has entered a period of rapid growth. This is a very good performance.

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