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Suzhou pcd milling cutter tools help the development of casting and machining




Suzhou pcd milling cutter tools help the development of casting and machining

2016-06-02 17:53
Casting workpieces can be divided into two categories from the material: one is ferrous metal castings such as gray cast iron, ductile iron, alloy cast iron, and steel castings. The other is non-ferrous metal castings such as cast copper alloys and cast aluminum alloys. With the development of the machinery industry, the performance of various casting alloys has been greatly improved, and the machining of castings is also increasingly using high-speed cutting and dry cutting. High-speed cutting and dry cutting Suzhou tools have developed the fastest They are cubic boron nitride Suzhou cutter ( Suzhou pcd milling cutter ) and diamond Suzhou cutter ( Suzhou pcd milling cutter ). As the "teeth" of the industry, CBN and PCD cutters provide the basis for casting difficult-to-machine materials and batch high-speed cutting.
  The casting process is mainly divided into: metal smelting, model manufacturing, casting solidification and demoulding cleaning, etc. The main materials for casting are cast steel, cast iron, cast non-ferrous alloy copper, cast or die-cast aluminum-zinc, cast or die-cast lead, etc.
  The common defects of casting castings are: pores, sand sticking, sand inclusion, sand hole, expansion sand, cold barrier, insufficient pouring, shrinkage porosity, shrinkage cavity, sarcoma, etc. Casting defects have always been an unavoidable and difficult problem in the foundry industry. To repair unqualified castings, the conventional method is mainly welding repair.The hardness of the surface hardened layer is high.Super-hard Suzhou tools should be used to replace the grinding process with a large margin.The surface of the turning surface has an uneven hardened layer, so as to achieve the surface roughness of the workpiece.

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