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Suzhou Fulaike analyzes the problems encountered by the tool industry in Suzhou, China for you




Suzhou Fulaike analyzes the problems encountered by the tool industry in Suzhou, China for you

2016-04-01 17:17

"China's abundant labor resources and low costs have ultimately affected the development and improvement of Suzhou's tool industry." The views of the insiders may sound surprising at first. After all, low labor costs have always been regarded as the advantages of domestic enterprises." There are many reasons for the current situation of Suzhou's tool industry. China's current annual sales of Suzhou tools are 14.5 billion yuan, of which cemented carbide tools account for less than 25%. Not only is it far from the international market Suzhou tool product structure, but it also cannot meet domestic manufacturing. The industry’s increasing demand for cemented carbide tools . Among the tools consumed by the domestic manufacturing industry, cemented carbide tools account for more than 50%. The problem of disconnection between supply and demand structures has been very serious. The consequence is that a large number of excess high-speed steel tools are low. We can't blindly criticize Suzhou tool manufacturing companies for export or domestic sales . Moreover, whether the company or the industry is currently improving, we should be full of confidence in the future."

What needs to be emphasized is that the core value of modern high-efficiency tools is to help the manufacturing industry improve quality and efficiency, thereby enhancing competitiveness.
  On a global scale, although the proportion of traditional knives used in manufacturing has gradually decreased, there is still a considerable market in China, and there is also a certain demand internationally. However, the quality of standard tools produced by my country's major tool companies has been able to meet international standards, and the cost performance is much higher than that of foreign counterparts. Therefore, in a considerable period of time, it can still make a difference in the domestic and international markets. But it must be recognized that the general trend is that the overall demand for traditional tools is declining.
  Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the total amount, make a fuss about enriching varieties, improving quality, and strengthening services, so that its performance level gradually moves closer to modern and efficient tools. If we take this step, we can maintain the domestic market share and have the opportunity to enter the middle and low-end markets of the international manufacturing industry. Work hard on creating a brand, developing independently, facing users, and strengthening services. We have noticed that in the international arena, some Japanese and Korean tool companies that are in the "second phalanx" are also opening their way with high-quality standard tools. What we have to do is "break through the tradition and keep innovating"

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